Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

We had to put a baby gate up to keep the boys in their room (so they wouldn't go peek at their Santa presents at 4 am), but at 6:30 Luke was in our bed announcing that "SANTA BROUGHT ME A BATCAVE!!!!".  Apparently he used his "big strong muscles" to push the gate down. hahaha

Santa leaves each of my kids one gift unwrapped in front of the Christmas tree.  Luke got an Imaginext Batcave, Mason got a Little People Mike the Knight playset and Griffin got a stroller/walker with a baby doll.

I feel ya, girly!

Next we went to see if Santa had left anything in our stockings.   For size reference here's Mason next to one :)  and it's not even upright all the way.

The boys got lots of fun things in their stockings...

... but the biggest hit was the flashlight.  All THREE boys got flashlights in their stockings!  

The boys played some more...

... and Mason helped me get breakfast ready.

Sporting his new slippers from Santa :)

Griffin hung out and ate some yogurt while we cooked...

and then I attempted a group picture...

The best one I got was actually on my iPhone :)

Buddy was hanging out on a ribbon zipline and he had a goodbye note:

My parents and Uncle Mark and Aunt Diana were heading over later in the morning, but the boys couldn't wait to open presents so we let them each open one.

Luke was BEYOND excited about his Lego Chima something or other :)  There was lots of squealing and jumping up and down.  This is the point in the morning where Luke kind of disappears from pics since he opened said lego set and was determined to get it built. hahaha

Mason is really into cooking and pretending to be a chef, and he got a sandwich making set. 

Gibi and Haha arrived and MAson opened what I think is his favorite gift, a cookie baking set!  He's played with it pretty much nonstop for the last few days.

Here he is taking them out of the "oven".  After he bakes them he likes to come around and offer everyone a cookie and then come and clean up your mess.  Future in food service?!?!?! :) hahaha

 The boys all got nerf guns from mommy:

And Uncle Mark and Aunt Diana gave Luke a laser tag set.

Luke opened it, tried it on and then was back to Legos before I could take his picture, but Mason was ready to try it on let me snap a few:

Sidenote: Gibi tucked in his shirt like an old man :)

Gibi and Haha gave Mason a shopping cart and he loves it :)

Griffin got a new blanket (that's seriously the softest thing I've ever felt) from Dave and I and she has loved snuggling it :)

So the jammies Griffin is wearing I got for Luke on his first Christmas and all three of them have ended up wearing them!  I'm thinking I need to do something special with them so we have a keepsake, but so far I haven't thought of anything fabulous.

Again, Luke was MIA working on Legos, but Mason took a couple of pictures with me:

My parents and Mark and Diana left and we scrambled to get ready to head to Dave's Aunt and Uncles house for lunch.  We managed to get everyone out of their pjs and in the car...

... but I didn't snap a single picture at lunch.

We got home and played a little bit (again, Luke sequestered himself building Legos) and then it was time for dinner!
Luke and Aunt Diana sporting their hats from their Christmas Crackers (no clue what a Christmas cracker is???  No worries!  I explained it HERE!)  Doesn't Luke look exhausted?!?!?!  We had been going non-stop since about 6 a.m. and he (and all the kiddos) were WIPED OUT!

Dad and I:

Griffin was ready to E.A.T.!

Kids table :)

 Mason had a mid-dinner meltdown and went to bed at around 6:30 and after we put this girl to bed, Luke, Dave and I snuggled in our bed and watched Elf.  It was perfect. 

 Our first Christmas as a family of FIVE was awesome and one I'll never forget.  So fun!


  1. Looks like such a fabulous day! In love with the pictures of you and Mason in front of the cute! All adorable pictures of your sweet family!

  2. What a great Christmas!
    The pics of you and Mason are so sweet--your hair looks beautiful!
    I like Mason's cookie baking set & shopping cart!
    And I'm glad I know what a Christmas cracker is now :)

  3. Such sweet pictures!! Could you do some sort of shadow box that includes the PJ's as well as pictures of all 3 of them wearing them?!

  4. Sounds like a great day! Where is Griffin's blanket from?

  5. Where are the pjs you're wearing from?

  6. Sounds like you and your had an awesome Christmas:)


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