Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

I do this post every year and while it is kind of a beating, I'm always glad I did it because it's so much fun to look back over our year.  In case you're interested... here are my posts from 2012, 2011 and 2010.

In January we joined the Perot Museum, Luke performed his nursery rhyme for nursery rhyme day, Mason LOVED him some Lamby and the boys played LOTS of Legos.  The boys had fun running errands, Dave snapped one of my favorite pictures EVER with his phone and Griffin grew, grew more and then grew some more!

In February my sweet friends through Lisa and I a baby shower, I dressed up like a hippie for Wild Week and spent lots of time snuggling with my boys in bed thanks to swelling.  I found an excuse to go to Sam's at least 3 times a week for a pretzel, Luke had to get stitches in his finger, the boys sported some rockin' nerd glasses and we celebrated Valentines Day with balloons, candy and the QU Wedding!

In March Mason hit the terrible twos (a month before turning 2), we took an exhausting trip to the Ft Worth Zoo on the BUSIEST day of the year (sidenote: I thought I was going to actually go into Labor during the HIKE from the remote parking lot).  The students at school threw a surprise baby shower for Griffin, Luke had Kite Day and perfected his "push ups".  Dave and Luke hit the golf course, I had my hardest parenting moment to date watching Luke have an actual panic attack during his stitch removal and Griffin grew even more!  I finished up Griffin's nursery, the boys had their Pirates, Pajamas and Pancakes birthday party and Luke perfected his "wall hand stand" during Spring Break.

April was nuts.  Luke turned 5 on April 1st, Griffin continued to grow and I marked my last day of school with a belly pic in the kitchen.  Luke was "super fly" for Bug Day, Mason turned 2 on April 16th and on April 17th Griffin Joy joined the crew!  With the third, life doesn't come to a screeching halt with a newborn, so we plugged ahead with Luke's spring music program, lots of trips to the park and our first trip to church when G was 4 days old.

May was filled with LOTS of school events including the Spring Dinner Show, Graduation and a 6th Grade movie night and 7th/8th grade Semi-Formal that I planned.  Thrown in there were three days where Griffin nursed every 1.5 hours (hence the crying pic), we got our family pictures and Griffin's newborn pics back and Luke had his last day of PreK (we celebrated with pizza!)

I was nervous about June and having everyone home with me ALL DAY, but it was fabulous.  We spent lots of time with friends at the pool, Griffin spent lots of time napping and Anna Grace was my life saver :) We had breakfast with Woody and Jessie, Griffin and I rocked matching headwraps and Luke attended VBS at Prestonwood.  We celebrated the best daddy ever on Father's Day, played water guns every night after dinner and Griffin sat in the Bumbo for the first time.

In July I weaned Griffin completely to bottles, we had a GLORIOUS week of temperatures 30 degrees cooler than normal and ate a LOT of ice cream at the pool.  Mason was a pilot at least 80% of his waking hours, Griffin's little personality started to really show through and Luke busted his eyebrow on the kitchen cabinet.  We did lots of crafts, played with the hose and got to spend some awesome time together as a family at a friends lake house.

August is where I feel we really hit our "stride" as a family of five.  Luke and I went back to school and Mason and Griffin went to Miss Lisa's.  Griffin quickly fell into a routine and started sleeping through the night and the boys had popcorn EVERY night after dinner.  Griffin and I attended her first GIRLS ONLY birthday party, Luke took swimming lessons and Mason wore his Batman shirt pretty much every day.  I designed a logo for a coffee shop that ended up on their drink sleeves (LOVE THIS!), we got to check out Mark and Diana's new house and we celebrated Dave's 30th with a pool party.  I hosted a back to school dinner and Griffin started on solids!

September marks the beginning of Fall in our house (we ignore the temperatures outside) which means we brought out the Fall clothes (and Halloween decorations).  Homecoming Week almost killed me, but Mason had a great time hanging out with my students and I got to dress as a non-prego hippie.  Luke wore a Buzz Lightyear costume every chance he got, we celebrated Kensington's birthday, Luke got stung by wasps (2 weekends in a row!) and we had to install a lock on our front door so Mason wouldn't let himself out of the house.  Griffin hung out in the Ergo carrier every night between 5 and 6 pm, Shay and I enjoyed some Fall drinks and my kiddos ate dinner out of ice cube trays.  We hung out outside and walked to the park to eat donuts and play.

October was FULL of family fun!  We dressed up as a farm family for our BFG Harvest Party, dedicated Griffin at church, Trick-or-Treated with friends and watched Luke run his heart out in the Jog-A-Thon at school.  We had small group, Luke went to an FC Dallas Game with Haha and Uncle Mark, Luke had PJ day at school and Griffin and I broke out the Fall clothes.  We had our family pictures taken and spent some fantastic time at Pumpkinville.

This month I spent LOTS of time with my students including a trip to the Holocaust Museum and a Donkey Rescue Farm.  We broke out the Christmas PJs (and outfits!), celebrated Thanksgiving and Griffin and I coordinated for church.  I took two of my favorite pictures EVER of G with my phone (second from the left and far right), we spent lots of time enjoying the pretty weather, cheered on our Mustangs in the last football game of the season and went to Home for the Holidays on the square.

December was JAM PACKED!  We had breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus, visited the Gaylord, got iced in and had Jammy Cocoa Christmas.  Dave and I celebrated 8 years of marriage with the BEST PIE EVER and our Elf Buddy came back with a North Pole Breakfast.  I drank my fair share of Starbucks to power myself through exams as well as Christmas cards and we hosted Small Group (complete with Elves from the north pole!).  Griffin started crawling, Luke rode on the MCA Float in the Christmas parade and Mason ROCKED his mustard pants :)  We had a fabulous Christmas and had fun waking up to see Buddy's late night antics.  

WHEW!!!!  What a year! :)


  1. This was by far, my favorite McAnally year!! I just loved getting to know sweet Griffin and watch your boys continue to grow! I can't wait to spend 2014 with you too!

  2. What a fabulous year! I'm so glad I found your blog and started following you and your sweet family:)

  3. What a great year for you and your family :) Love all the photos! Hope you have a wonderful 2014 Andrea :)

  4. Loved this little recap!
    What a great year, especially with Miss Griffin's arrival :)
    Happy New Year's!!

  5. Ok usually I read your blog from my phone app and it is hard to comment, but I just had to get on my computer to comment this time! What an awesome post! I started following your blog in September and am so glad I did! You are a breath of fresh air and an honest, wonderful mommy. Too bad we live so far away, I think our boys and our baby girls (and us) could be great friends. :) Love and prayers for an amazing 2014!

  6. What an awesome year for you and your family! I hope 2014 is just as wonderful full of fun and love and of course lots of pictures to share! :-)

  7. Great Blog! What do you use to make the collage photos? I would love to put one together! Thanks.

  8. Such a great year! So happy I found your blog....love your sweet family! Happy New Year!!!

  9. How do you create the awesome photo collages??

  10. Love love love this! Having just getting seriously started blogging, I can totally relate to how much time this must have taken ;) ...but SO worth it! What a perfect way to look back on all the beautiful memories from the year!


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