Thursday, December 12, 2013


Here it is!  The obligatory Icepocalypse blog post via every North Texas blogger :)

Thursday I knew it was getting nasty outside, but huddled inside the "Math Trailer" I didn't realize HOW nasty until a few of my middle school soccer players came in to tell me and flick ice pellets on me.

I was supposed to have carpool duty, but THE BEST PRINCIPAL EVER took over for me and I scooped Luke up, and in true mother hen style went and picked up the other chicks from the babysitter so we could hunker down at home. 

One of my students brought this hat for Griffin from his mom's store - and we immediately had to try it on when we got home.  It's a 12-24 months size so you better believe you'll be seeing lots of this hat in the future.  Not only is it super cute it's literally the softest hat EVER!

The country club closed (which you know means it's getting ROUGH because the never close) and for some reason, with Dave home I thought it would be a good time to organize Griffin's closet.  

NO JUDGING!!! hahaha  It was clean before I started, and then I took a bunch of stuff out to sort... the pic above was mid-process.  AND I feel like I need to say that I buy ahead, shop consignment and obviously have a problem :)

Kiddos shared a bag of Cheetos, I started working on Christmas cards and we called it an early night.

Saturday morning we got bundled up...

... andthe boys headed outside.  That looks like snow, but is actually solid ice. Notice that none of their feet are sinking into it AT ALL.

I had no intention of leaving the garage, but Dave insisted on having a pic so I threw on a hat and here we are...

Mason was out for all of about 45 seconds before he was ready to come in (he put his boots on himself... can you tell???)

It's hard to tell, but our flag was frozen solid.

Mason was loving it (NOT!) and he did NOT want his mitten string through his jacket...

Luke was in Heaven... except for the fact that his snow angels didn't work on ice :)

The boys played and mama made lists.  Lists and lists and lists of Christmas cards :)
Mason came in and we tried on some new headbands that came in for Miss G :)

 Everyone crashed in the afternoon..

... and I made 22 dozen of my mom's shortbread cookies.  (I'll share the recipe next week!)

And then I got all of our Christmas cards ready to go out! 

Saturday morning we snuggled for as long as possible...

We killed some time before lunch by taking a green bath...

and then Dave went in to work for the night.  While he worked the kids and I snuggled up and watched Rudolph.

Sunday morning was MORE ICE and we resorted to pulling out the tents and making a giant tent city...

We currently have one nerf gun with one ball and it took all of my willpower to not pull out the three dart guns (and BOXES) of extra nerf darts that are in my closet waiting to be wrapped up for Christmas :)

After two days of jammies Griffin was ready to dress up :)

Gibi walked down in the afternoon and took Luke back to their house.  Haha took pics while she and Luke sledded on the golf course.  He had THE BEST TIME!

Griffin woke up hungry and she LOVES to kick her feet while she eats :)

Griffin looked cute... I rocked another pair of pjs :)

I got the call Sunday night that school was going to be cancelled on Monday too and THANK GOODNESS because Heaven forbid I take a shower unnecessarily!

Monday at breakfast...

... anyone else feel like that all they did was cook food, clean up and then cook more food for 4 days??? :)
A normal Dave breakfast is a nutri grain bar... but while iced in he and the boys requested these...

Another day of PJS!

We were getting a little stir crazy :)

Boys headed out for a walk/slide on the ice:

Lots of Little People...

Monday night my dad came over to watch Cowboys so I took Mason's super old romper and cut it off for G :)
School was delayed on Tuesday so we took advantage and snuggled for as long as possible :)

Things started to thaw on Tuesday... including this giant block of ice (one of about 7) that decided to thaw enough to come flying off my roof onto my windshield while I was driving...

  We swung by the clubhouse to see Daddy and get an after school snack and check out the fountain!

Thankfully we didnt have any damage to our house, but we did lose a BUNCH of branches off a big live oak in our front yard...

Did this post feel long?!?!?!  That's how it was in real life, too :)  All joking aside it was really nice to hit the "pause" button for a few days and get to spend some real quality time with our little family.  Thankfully we had power and were warm and comfy the whole time and we held off cabin fever pretty well.


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  2. Hi Andrea - can you tell me where you bought the owl mug(s)? I remember reading about them on one of the blogs - I thought Anthropologie but could not find it on their website.

    Thank you - Sheila

  3. "I shop ahead, buy consignment, and obviously have a problem." Hahahahahahahahah!!!!!! Love it!

  4. After two boys, if I had had a girl, her closet would have looked just like that! NO JUDGMENT from this Mama!!

  5. You make getting stuck-at-home-for-days look like a lot of fun!! I hope things have thawed out down there. It's 7 degrees right now here!

  6. Are you interested in selling any of your girl clothes? I'm definitely interested, if so!

  7. Love Griffin's polka dot shirt outfit!! And you can tell how cold it is...there were ice sickles hanging off your car! Yikes!

  8. Where did you get your slippers? They are so cute!


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