Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jammie Cocoa Christmas

I've been hearing about Shay's Jammie Cocoa Christmas for YEARS and I've always thought that it was such a fun idea.  We've gone to look at lights every year in our jammies, but never incorporated the stop for cocoa so when she posted about hers last week I knew it was time :)

I decided to kill two birds with one stone and so Tuesday morning the boys found Buddy rappelling from the counter using Christmas lights with a note telling them that that night we'd be going to get cocoa and look at lights in our jammies... 
It was a crazy hectic day at school (we started 2 hours late due to the ice) and we literally got home, unpacked, ate dinner, changed into our jammies and were off!

My favorite Christmas pj pants were in the wash (thanks to FOUR DAYS OF PJS!!!), so I put on some super old buffalo plaid pjs from Abercrombie (seriously... I don't think I've shopped at Abercrombie in at least 10 years... these pants have earned their keep!) and my glitter reindeer shirt from Brassy Blueberries.  I got to design this fun shirt for my friend Whitney (along with a couple others) and if you need out you can find it HERE

(Sidenote... if you get the shirt you should go ahead and add THIS SWEATER to your cart. SO CUTE!)

 We tossed Buddy into my purse and headed to Starbucks.

It pains me that my children are so shy and uncomfortable in public places (insert sarcastic eyebrow raise)...

"Hey, Luke - take a picture of mommy and daddy!"

The kid can build a "cable car" out of Legos using only his imagination and has taught himself how to multiply.... but apparently we need to work on his picture taking skills :)

Mason wanted in on the action...

We asked some random lady to take our picture (SOOOOOOOOOOO wishing I had brought my "good" camera)

 It's nearly impossible to get a picture of all of us looking and I didn't feel like I could ask the stranger to take approximately 75 pictures so hopefully there would be one semi-decent one, so instead we got this.

My favorite things!  My family, pajamas AND Starbucks! :)

Boys sucking down their hot cocoa...

... and cheersing to our first ever Jammie Cocoa Christmas :)

We drank our cocoa and ate our pound cake (because I didn't feel like cleaning hot chocolate out of the back of the van) and then we packed up headed to a local neighborhood that always has a cute Disney theme going on.  There weren't as many lights as usual due to the ice storm this past weekend (I think lots of people were planning on putting them up and then couldn't because of the ice) but it was still fun. 

Shrek with a Dallas Cowboys belt buckle.  #onlyintexas

If you haven't done Jammie Cocoa Christmas do it!  Do it now! We had the best time and the boys had a blast.  This is a new tradition FOR SURE and such a fun memory.


  1. It only makes sense that the McAnallys would also celebrate Jammy Cocoa Christmas each year...after all, we will be family one day soon and our grandkids will love that both of their parents did this growing up :).

  2. Love the idea of Jammie Cocoa Christmas!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! LOVE THIS POST! Such sweet memories!

  4. What neighborhood did you go to??? We need to look at lights too!! I'm LOL at your "the boy has taught himself to multiply but we need to work on his picture taking skills"...hahaha!!

  5. This is adorable!!!! Love the disney themed christmas lights!

  6. I love the shirt you designed!!
    So cool that you have neighborhoods that do themes for lights!
    What a fun tradition :)

  7. Ok that pic of Mason and Luke drinking their hot chocolate and then the next one where they are cheersing? SO perfect!!! Looks like y'all had a fun night!!! My did the wear your jammies in the car to look at lights but we never kicked it up a notch with the hot chocolate. So cute. :)

  8. I read that Shay did this and thought it would be super fun! I love the photos of your boys and the shots that Luke tried to take of you :) Looks like a great time!

  9. What an awesome & fun new tradition!


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