Friday, December 13, 2013

Teacher Gift Ideas: Guy Teacher Edition

On Monday I posted about some of my favorite teacher gift ideas for teachers... and I guess some of y'all didn't think jewelry and AWESOME bubble bath would be appropriate for guy teachers because several of you asked for ideas for men.   I did a little leg work for y'all and asked a couple of co-workers and here is what I heard... GIFT CARDS!!!  

I know it's not crafty, I know it doesn't seem personal - but it's what they want people! As much as they love home baked cookies and the cute flower pot craft you saw on Pinterest they want the cash. :)

Here are a few suggested places for said gift cards...

Other suggested gift cards were to a nicer local restaurant where they could take their wife for dinner or a place your child knows they frequent often (i.e. they ALWAYS have a Sonic drink in hand or they've talked about how much they love Marble Slab, etc.) 

If you're feeling like a gift card is a cop out gift, stick it in a cute Monogram Mug from Anthropologie with some candy, mints, or gum and you're set!

If your child's teacher is a coffee drinker, a nice travel mug is something that they'd probably use often.  Here's a "manly" option I found at Eddie Bauer.

A few years ago I had a student give me a sleeve of these personalized Styrofoam cups.  She gave them to me with a 12-pack of diet coke and a note that said there was a bag of pellett ice in the teacher refrigerator and I gave her an A on her exam (hahaha - just kidding - but it WAS awesome!)

Snacky stuff is always fun (they can keep it in their classroom or take it home to share), but make sure it's something "special".  We have an adorable little popcorn shop on our downtown square that sells THE BEST POPCORN that would make a great gift.

A personalized option would be some teacher notepads.  We're ALWAYS writing little noes and passes and I thought these looked kind of manly :)

I love when I get gifts from students that show me they've been "paying attention" to me and my likes/dislikes/quirks :)  A few other ideas based on what your student knows about their teacher would be...

- T-shirt, hoodie, coffee mug, etc. from their favorite sports team

- A pie/cake from their favorite restaurant (my students would probably know that I love Emporium pies from the square... your kids teacher may love Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory or the Pumpkin Spice Bundt from Nothing Bundt cake).

- A gift card from a place that you OBVIOUSLY picked for them (i.e. he's talked about his LOVE for the McRib and so you get him a McDonalds gift card with a note about his passion for a gross sandwich :) or he talks about taking his kids to a Museum so you buy them a pass.  

- A book/DVD/CD that you know he'd love (i.e. he quotes Duck Dynasty so he might love Phil Robertsons's book, or he's a Civil War buff so you pick up a coffee table book.

- Something for their classroom... a pack of their favorite pens, some of their favorite K-Cups for the Keurig in the office, etc.

I don't think teacher gifts need to be BIG to be memorable or special... the gifts that I appreciate the most are the ones that have obviously had thought put in to them.  

Anyway, hope this helps!  If you have other ideas leave a comment so everyone can read them and glean :)


  1. Great gifts ideas!! My husband is a teacher and would love any of them!

  2. Ugg...buying teachers gifts are not my thing. I'm never creative enough! I totally need you to do it for me!

  3. These are some great ideas!
    I like the travel mug & personalized styrofoam cups!

  4. Yes! My husband and I are both teachers and you are spot on - basically anything girly and pampering for a girl and GIFT CARDS for a guy. Even it's $5! They'd so much rather have the card than ribbon and tissue paper, etc. We also both LOVE when parents give us a restaurant or movie gift card. We use those up ASAP and often wouldn't have gone out if it weren't for the gift.

  5. For teachers it is nice to give them personalized notepads as they are always jotting notes every day. Those mugs and Eddie Bauer are also wonderful gift ideas! Thank you for sharing this post. I know that this can be of great help to many students.

  6. So funny you posted about this b/c I'm working on a post about male teachers as well! :-)


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