Monday, November 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Decor

When a holiday is over, I'm over it QUICK.  Like - trick-or-treating is over, kids are bathed, so let's start tearing stuff down now :)  This year trick-or-treating wore me out HARD and so I put off the cleaning until Friday afternoon and I was thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to getting the Christmas boxes out of the attic.  I had a red cup from Starbucks Friday morning, listened to some Christmas music on Pandora and was all set to bust out the deco-mesh and twinkle lights.  

I erred on the side of sanity though and decided just to get out my minimal Thanksgiving decor... at least until the middle of the month.

Standing at the front door looking in...

The colors I have throughout my house naturally kind of favor Fall decor...

Pilgrim ship from the Home Depot kids workshop :)

I'm kind of on a pillow kick right now... We've had our furniture since we got married (almost 8 years ago!), and could use an upgrade, but we're going to try to hold out three more years (until we're done with sippy cups and kind of out of the toddles phase and then I think we're going to look at new furniture and flooring), so for now I'm trying to spruce it up with pillows :)

I picked this sign up at TJ Maxx YEARS ago and love it.  Helpful Hint: If you pick up a sign like this for seasonal stuff, but don't want to hang it on your wall, pick up a little easel (Hobby Lobby or Home Goods has great ones) and use that instead!

The real reason I wanted to put up Thanksgiving stuff was that the "Giving Thanks" plate is one of my very favorite decorations EVER!  It's Luke's handprint from when he was 2 and I LOVE it :)

The little pumpkin on the tray is also special because it was the very first piece of Fall decor I ever bought!  I remember I bought it right before Dave and I got married and I thought it looked super cute next to my kitchen sink :)

I had a garland on the buffet, but I wasn't crazy about it and a couple of weeks of not having to dust under a garland will be nice before every surface in my house is covered in Christmas :)

Luke's one-eyed turkey he made last year :)

My boys aren't quote ready to let go of their jack-o-lanterns yet so I obliged...

I had no idea what to do behind my kitchen sink, so I just filled my apothecary jars with fall colored candy and animal crackers and put some pumpkins in some little trunks. hahaha

My little chalkboard sign looked cute until about 13 seconds after they saw it :) 

I REEEEEEALY wanted the cute little Thanksgiving plates from Pottery Barn Kids, but since we're only going to be "celebrating" Thanksgiving for a few weeks I opted for this $3 set of turkey plates from Hobby Lobby instead :)

Luke's little turkey handprint is in our hall bath...

Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed my little "tour" for thanksgiving decorations.  Next up... Christmas!!! :)


  1. As much as I miss your Halloween decor (and I do...because it's fabulous!), I love your Thanksgiving stuff too :).

  2. Love your Thanksgiving decor! Especially the plate with Luke's handprint! What kind of paint did you use to do that? I'd love to try it out!

  3. I like the "gobble til you wobble" sign and the "give thanks" banner!
    My favorite decor is always what you have in the window by your sink. SO cute!

  4. LOVE all of your "give thanks" reminders. So sweet. And Luke's handprint is my favorite thing too!

  5. Everything looks so cute! Thanks for sharing your tips. :)

  6. You have one of the most Beautiful houses I have ever seen! I love every last detail and that space behind the kitchen sink...oh the options, love it!!!

  7. Looks great! You have a very beautiful home. I love your kitchen layout and the nook behind the sink!

  8. Love the decorations!! Are those Sid Dickens tiles on your wall? LOVE THEM! And love how you displayed them too! :)


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