Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We've been celebrating Halloween all month around here, but the festivities were at their peak Wednesday night when we decided to carve our pumpkins...

Mason was disgusted by the entire process...

... and he did not scoop a single "pumpkin gut" :)

The boys decided they wanted designs out of the little book that came with the pumpkin carving tools, and although Dave and I were both raised on "triangle eyes, square nose, pointy or square teeth" :)  we dove in to deliver.  Mason picked the "ghost-es" and Luke picked a scary skeleton pumpkin face...

They definitely weren't perfect, but for our first time I think they were great!

Thursday was Pajama Day at MCA and the kids had a pajama parade in the morning...

They do a lap around the gym while everyone cheers and it's super cute.

Luke waving to all his fans.  He's told me on several occasions that he's "really really really popular" at school :)

We got home from school and the boys were GIDDY thinking about trick-or-treating.  And yes, Luke is wearing a headlamp.  Haha gave it to him Wednesday night and he LOVES it!

Griffin was lookin' cute in her Halloween ensemble :)

Griffin took a little nap...

... and then it was PIZZA TIME!

Dave and I weren't in costume, but I attempted to look a little bit festive...

Our first stop was to see Anna Grace!  

Anna Grace was my mother's helper this summer and the boys ADORE her!

Anna Grace was getting ready to be a minion :)

First house to trick-or-treat!

After Anna Grace's neighborhood, we met up with the Slaughters and the Smiths and all their kiddos for trick-or-treating!

Molly and Mason:

Look at Mason's smile :) 

Maggie and Mason...

Group shot!

Yes... Mason is wearing fairy wings :)

The next three pics crack me up...

Luke's headlamp came in handy while helping Miss Erika find some candy :)

Ebby Lee, Erika and Molly

Mason decided he didn't want to wear shoes and went barefoot for about half the night.

We should have taken a family pic at the beginning of the night.... because at this point everyone was DONE (Mason wasn't even in costume anymore!)

 We got home, sorted candy, and changed the kiddos into what I thought was going to be their costumes this year.  The boys weren't super excited about being bees so we just saved them for at home :)

 I don't know about y'all... but I am exhausted. :)  I'm ready to take down my Halloween decorations and get Christmas up! 


  1. Love these pictures!!! I'll have to steal some. Their bee costumes are so cute but I bet they made perfect pjs!! Thanks for meeting up! It was so fun!!

  2. what fun nights of pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating!!
    I do love those matching bee outfits :)

  3. SUCH CUTE PICTURES! Carter is like Mason. Not impressed with pumpkin guts AT ALL. Love the pic of them all in their bumble bee jammies!

  4. How fun! I love the pajama pics :)

  5. That picture of Mason looking at the pumpkin guts cracks me up!!

  6. Mason's face over the pumpkin carving...The BEST, haha!!! And I LOVE Luke's wave at the assembly at school and love that he said he is so, so popular at school....look at him, how could he not be?! Oh and Griffin well, she goes without saying....cute as always!!! Looks like a great Halloween! One more thing...those Bee costumes would have been fantastic!! :)

  7. Love love loved this post!! So much fun & festive things this time of year! Mason cracks me up!! He reminds me of Bella's determined little personality ;)

  8. I'd love to get tights and more tunics for work!


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