Monday, November 11, 2013

Simple Enough

So this post started off simple enough.  I was going to tell you all about Hippie Chick's FABULOUS (and CRAZY inexpensive) scarves like this one that I have from them...

... and this one that's available on their website.

And I was going to remind you to
Because today's the LAST DAY TO ENTER!!!

And then I was all... I should totally show y'all HOW I store my scarves, because I have a total scarf addiction (like 60+ strong) and that led to a closet clean up to end all closet clean ups.  Like... I was up to my knees (literally) in junk and then moved everything out of the closet so it could be evaluated before it could come back in.  The one picture of my scarf hanger turned into a 2.5 hour project. BUT - I ended up with an industrial sized trash bag full of clothes, shoes and bags and I feel like a new and better person :)

Just to keep it real... here's a mid-progress picture.  That giant silver trash bag is full of stuff I didn't wear anymore.  UGH!  I'll share my purge "secret" at the end of this post.

So here's my  scarf hanger.  It's from The container store and it has about 30 holes in it.  I typically put at least 2 scarves in each hold and it is AMAZING!  I looked for this one online but couldn't find it.  They had one that held 10... but I'm not kidding when I tell you that I think I paid about $7 for this one and it changed my life.  For reals.

So since my closet it clean and if y'all are anything like me you love to see other people's homes I'll give you a tour of our closet.  (That sounded WAY more exciting in my head - hahaha).

This is looking into my closet.  It's not giant (by any means), but I think I've made good use of the space.

The orange bins house gifts that I've bought ahead (yes... I'm that person and I probably have a present up there for you. hahaha).

Purses above on the right.

This shelf was a bookcase that my dad made for my brother's room when I think he was in the second grade. hahaha.  It was navy and when my parents downsized and were getting rid of his furniture I took it, painted it and have used it for my shoes ever since.  It houses my shoes and several pairs of boots, my flats and flip flops are on a separate shelf.

Our closet it attached to our bedroom (not our bathroom), so I typically do my hair and makeup in the bathroom and then get dressed in the closet.  Since I'm putting my outfit together in here it makes the most sense to have my jewelry and stuff in here as well. 

The earring holder is the only real "jewelry holder" I have.  Everything else is just something random I've found at Ross or a garage sale or my house.  (the big earring holder on the left side of the shelf is actually a candle holder shaped like a tree that I picked up at a junky store called Half of Half forever ago.  Half of Half was AWESOME because you could find bathing suit pieces for $1, BUT you had to wade through about 14,000 pieces of junk to find good stuff)

I keep my watch and nicer "real" jewelry in a box that my Lois Hill cuff bracelet came in.

On the shelf to the right of my little shoe shelf I have a couple little glass containers (a candle jar and a vase) holding hair accessories...

... and I keep necklaces and bracelets here...

I have an old re-painted dresser in our closet to hold tank tops, swim suits, cover ups, shorts, etc.  The baskets on top hold clutches and pouches and the other holds cold weather accessories (hats, gloves, etc.).


 I'm a lucky lady, and Dave really doesn't take up much closet space. When I took these pics he had about 30 dress shirts at the dry cleaner (hahaha), but this is pretty much all the space he uses.  He has a tall dresser in our bedroom and he keeps his shoes on a shelf in our garage. 

So...  here's my trick to a closet purge.  If I know that an item is going straight to Goodwill, I can often be hesitant to let it go since it'll be gone forever.  So... I go through and throw everything into a giant trash bag and put the trash bag in the attic.  I take comfort in knowing that if for some reason I decide I need/want an item, it's a trip to the attic away.  When I do the next closet purge, I don't even open the trash bag... If I haven't thought about it or needed it I probably won't regret letting it go at that point.  It's kind of a two-step program, but it totally works for me :)

Don't forget to enter the giveaway and go buy yourself a new scarf hanger for all your fabulous scarves - hope you enjoyed my little closet tour!


  1. GREAT purge tip!! Thank you. I'll be doing the two step program!!

  2. Andrea, you have the most beautiful collection of scarves, shoes, and jewelry!! I do want one of those scarf holders now.

  3. I love, love, love how you have your jewelry displayed in your closet! I also love your fun mirror! I'm totally stealing these ideas!

  4. Your closet is so cute!! I need the scarf hanger desperately!!!

  5. I too love scarves & enjoy a good closet purge! I'm really enjoying your blog and I'm a Texas teacher too! Look what I found at the five below store and now use for all of my scarves!

  6. Love how you have your jewlery displayed. Now I have the itch to organize my closet today!!

  7. I know I'm going to sound like a total nerd when I say this but this is one of my favorite posts ever!!!! I loved seeing how your closet is organized and how you display your jewelry. I am stealing your ideas!!!!! Loved this!

  8. SUCH A FUN POST! Loved seeing your closet! It totally inspires me to at least go clean mine up! :)
    And the Favorite Things party looks SO FUN!

  9. i have an idea!!! instead of sending your 'old' stuff to goodwill, the next time you decide to purge, do a blog sale. i would totally spend my WHOLE ENTIRE paycheck on your closet!



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