Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday - First one ever!

I haven't done a Five on Friday post before, but decided today was as good a day as any and so here it goes!  I got the idea from one of my BFF's Erika and I'm linking up with The Good Life Blog.

ONE: Best Pants Ever

I LOVE me some IKAT and THESE Hippie Chick pants fit the bill perfectly.  They are comfy (seriously... it's like wearing pajama pants!) and different and super fun.  I'm wearing them with wedges in this pic, but I can easily fold the waistband for summer and wear them with a tank top and flip flops.  Be sure to go back to my post from Monday and enter the drawing to win a $50 Hippie Chick Gift card and these pants could be in your closet next week!

TWO: My babies are getting WAY too big!

If you follow me on IG (andrea2220) then you saw I posted this as my "Throwback Thursday" yesterday, but had to share it here as well becasue look at how much they've grown in a year!

Obviously Griffin has changed a lot since early November of last year (back when we thought she was a boy - hahaha) and Mason has grown up a lot, but I think Luke has REALLY changed.  He looks WAY more "little boy" and less toddler.  STOP GETTING SO BIG!

THREE: Christmas Sheets!

Mason soaked through his diaper on Sunday night and I was ECSTATIC!  I was looking for any excuse to get the Christmas sheets on the boys beds and this provided me with the perfect opportunity :)

Griffin is MOST DEFINITELY going to need her own set :)

FOUR: Best Afternoon EVER!

Sunday afternoon I got to snuggle with all three of my babies in my bed after church and lunch.  It was quiet, peaceful and AWESOME! 

FIVE: Favorite Things
Going back through my IG pics I realized I forgot to share a picture from a couple of weeks ago when three of my favorite people (Dave, Mason and Griffin) surprised me with two of my favorite things (flowers and Starbucks) during one of my classes on a Monday.  It was so sweet!


  1. I love, love, love that picture of you snuggling with your babies after church! So sweet!

  2. You've totally inspired me to get some huge headbands for my 4 1/2 month old. I ordered two of the 5" chiffon ones and then yesterday I found a boutique on etsy that sells them in pieces. You choose the flower and the elastic and then just assemble it yourself. I got four that ended up being only $4 apiece! So fun!


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