Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Friday Night Lights

First of all - Congratulations to Teresa Lambert!!!  You won the Hippie Chick giftcard and I can't wait to hear about what great things you get!

On Friday night I packed up my kiddos and headed to Coppell for our last Middle School football game of the season.  I love my students and hadn't made it to a game yet this year, so it was the perfect one to go to.

I packed up some snacks and got everyone dressed in our blue and gold and we were ready to go!   I hope we get a "blue and gold" picture at a football game every year :)

I'm pretty sure Griffin is the cutest little Mustang fan EVER!  Y'all... just wait.  In a couple of years she'll get to be a "mini mustang" cheerleader.  I almost can't stand the cuteness already :)

When we got to the game, my middle school girls pretty much took over :)  They adore my kiddos and made my life super easy.  Mason sooooooooooooooo wanted to be out on the field and it took some coaxing to keep him on the sidelines.

Olivia is the little sister of one of my students and she and Luke hung out pretty much the entire time.  She was a life saver!!!
Halftime came around and it was time for a photo sesh with Griffin :)  
"Mrs. McAnally - take my picture with Griffin, k???"  So cute!!!

This picture makes me smile so much.  Mason was sitting in the front of the stroller and ALL these girls were playing peek-a-boo with him.  My children are obviously starved for attention :)

 Luke with one of my 8th graders - he thought this was the coolest thing ever :)

 Griffin and two of my students (the one holding her is also named Griffin!).  Dave was saying that this better be the ONLY time that Griffin is being held by football players - EVER. hahaha 

 My kids had a blast and I had a great time watching my middle schoolers play.  It was FREEZING, but memorable and I hope we make it out to lots of games next year.

Also - Erika and I are going to be hosting a linkup "Favorite Things Party" this Friday.  We're each going to be sharing our "Favorite Thing" that's under $10 and can't wait to see y'alls favorites as well.  So get your posts ready!!!


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