Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blast from the Halloween Past

Happy Halloween, friends!  I was thinking about what to post today and I couldn't resist showing you a few pictures of me on Halloweens past.  I think that most of the reason I love Halloween so much is that I have SUPER fond memories of it growing up.  

Here I am in a Pre-K parade as an Indian princess... apparently it was serious business :)

I'm not sure if this was Halloween or just a random "Fifties Day", either way - it's a costume :)

And I think one of my favorite Halloween memories is this pic...

Yes, people... that's me as a world.  My mom always made my Halloween costumes and when I got into the 3rd or 4th grade I REALLY wanted a store bought one.  (Why??? I'm not sure).  My mom assured me that there wasn't a single costume she could't make for me and so I threw out the most abstract idea EVER in the hopes that she would cave and we'd have to go buy a costume... a globe.  My mom assured my sweet little sassy self that she could totally make me a world costume and a few weeks later there I was.... at the Church carnival... in a world costume.... made out of toilet seat covers. :)

Life Lesson #1: Don't challenge my mom.
Life Lesson #2: My mom is awesome

Our plans for today include a Pajama Parade for Luke this morning, Halloween party at Miss Lisa's for the "littles",  jack-o-lantern pizza, trick-or-treating and eating our kids candy after they go to bed :)

Tomorrow is November 1st - which means I am officially allowed to show you all the Christmas stuff I've already been up to - which may or may not involve Ryan Gosling Christmas ornaments for my classroom tree and a North Pole Breakfast to top last years :)


  1. cute costumes!
    wow, do your kids look like you!
    I don't know what Dave looked like when he was little, but I can see L, M, and G in your young photos :)

  2. Those old photos are great! While I love Halloween, I am so looking forward to everything Christmas! Can't wait to see what you have going on :)


  3. I see so much Mason and Griffin those pictures! And yes, you're mom is awesome! And even more yes, Christmas cheer starts for me at midnight!

  4. I can't wait to see all of your Christmas posts!!! My fall decor is going down tomorrow and Christmas decor up! I can't wait!!!!!!! Your costumes were awesome by the mom made all of mine as well, including an M and M :)

  5. This was such a fun post! Your kiddies definitely look like their pretty mama! The globe costume is seriously the best!!


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