Monday, September 23, 2013

Small miracle...

When we pulled in the driveway after church on Sunday everyone was in a relatively good mood, no one had crackers all over their face and it wasn't 500 degrees outside.  I RAN inside, grabbed my camera and crossed my fingers :)

I wish that Luke's hair was brushed over (MOP TOP!) and that Griffin's pant leg was pulled down, but you really can't win them all...

Mason West being Mason West :)

We love these three more than they'll ever know!

and of course, Griffin Girl had to get kisses from Daddy in the garage before heading inside :)


  1. what a good opportunity for a photo!
    adorable! :)
    all three of them have the brightest eyes!

  2. What great when that happens! Beautiful kiddos as always!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! The pant leg up and not perfect hair make the pics all that much more wonderful and memorable! I consider it a miracle if I can get all 3 of mine to look at once! :) xoxo

  4. These pictures are too cute!! LOVE your blog. I look forward to seeing all your great posts each day.

  5. they're soooo precious!!! I jump at any chance to grab a picture of all 3 of our boys when they happen to all be happy & clean! {which is next to never ~ ha!!} =)


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