Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Fun... Scavenger Hunt

I've mentioned it A LOT... but by September I am BEYOND ready for Fall.  Cool, crisp mornings, pumpkin patch, fall candles, sweatshirts, getting dark early, etc., etc., etc.  Don't get me wrong, Summer is awesome... but there's only so much pool time, sno cones and air conditioned movies I can take. By September 1st it should be Fall.  Amen.

One of my very favorite parts of Fall is getting out with my kids after dinner going for a walk.  We love to walk around our neighborhood and often will walk up to the little corner store to get ice cream or Kroger to get a cookie, but more often than not it's just around the neighborhood. I came up with this about 2 years ago and it still hasn't gotten old with my kiddos.  I print off this little "scavenger hunt" paper, clip it to a clipboard and give them each a hi liter.  As we walk they look for each of the items on the list and cross them off.  Super simple and super fun. 

I hope that y'all have as much fun with it as we do!
(to print the picture... right click on it, click save as, save it to your desktop and then it should be sized to a regular sheet of paper and be ready to print!) 

And because it just wouldn't be a good post without an ADORABLE pic of one of my kiddos here's one of Griffin tonight at Bible Study.  She was WIPED, but managed to be pretty smiley :)


  1. Thanks for the fantastic scavenger hunt printable! Great teacher-mom idea :)
    hi Griffin!--love the blue & green headband!


  2. Your scavenger hunt looks like so much fun! And your daughter is ADORABLE!!!

  3. Such a fun idea...loving all the ideas you share!!!

  4. I am new to your blog, and I am also a junior high teacher. Do you ever bog about teaching or organization ideas for teaching or the classroom?


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