Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week via IG :)

I can NOT believe that it's time for this post AGAIN!!!  Crazy!
Thankfully this week was WAY more "mellow" than last week.  Monday Dave had a golf tournament at work, so the "littles" went to Miss Lisa's house:

Luke was super excited to see see his sister when we got home :)

Dave was working Monday night and so Gibi came over and we played checkers on the checkerboard that Luke made out of Duplos.

Monday night Mason watched about 20 minutes of Toy Story standing in his horse costume like this :)

After Mason went to bed, Luke helped me make some baby foot for Griffin.  We made squash and banana apple sauce. He told me that he liked "the look" of the squash, but not the smell :)

Tuesday, I sported three of my favorite things... my "must have" denim jacket, leopard and chevron!

After school Luke and I stopped to run a couple of errands and I found these GEMS! I mean, seriously... doesn't everyone want Ariel on their thigh and bubbles on their crotch???

Another stop was Bath and Body works for some pumpkin candles and hand washing.

 Tuesday night Griffin and I headed to Made of Sugar and Spice on the square to celebrate Kensington's 5th Birthday!

Griffin sported her denim jacket in celebration of the fact that it wasn't 700 degrees this week.

So excited to get to raise girls with these sweet girls!  Blessed to get to enjoy being a boy mom AND a girl mom.  Best of both worlds :)

Wednesday I met my dad for lunch at Genghis Grill.  It's my new favorite lunch place - AWESOME!  I was super skeptical for over a year and finally bit the bullet and went a few months ago and now I'm obsessed. 

Wednesday night Griffin practiced her sitting...

... and I tried to figure out what I'm going to wear with my floral leggings. Erika rocks hers so well, but I'm struggling :)

On Tuesday night we also had to install an extra lock on our front door since Mason has been letting himself out the front door.  Keeping it classy.

Thursday morning started off really well... beautiful sunrise and Starbucks...

Thursday I was doing some comparison of Griffin and Mason at almost the exact same age :)

Thursday night I worked on LOTS of Slightly Askew projects...

... and the kiddos all got baths :)

I also got to work on some super fun t-shirt designs for my friend Whitney.  Can't wait to see them in print!
My "throwback Thursday" was Luke and Ebby Lee at Cohen's birthday party two years ago.  SO LITTLE!

Friday was cool and rainy - PERFECT Hunter Wellies weather.

The rain apparently made some of my 7th grade boys go crazy (just kidding - they're always crazy) - party on the Math Couch! :)

Griffin got to wear some of her cute Fall clothes on Friday also!

Friday evening Griffin took her nightly pre-dinner nap in the Ergo carrier.

While Griffin was napping I finished up some decorations for Kensington's Pumpkin Patch Party.

After the "littles" were in bed, Luke and I were talking while he was working on his States puzzle.  I told him that he had my permission to go to college in any of the states that touched Texas and he informed me that he would be moving to Vermont.  If that happens I'll be going too :)

After puzzles and college-talk Luke and I snuggled up in my bed to watch Peter Pan.

About 10 minutes into the movie he looked like this...

 Saturday morning was GORGEOUS outside and so we  headed out on a walk/bike ride.

First stop was the donut shop :)

Second stop was the park!

Griffin thinks that "squeezies" are the funniest thing ever.  I'm happy to indulge her :)


This picture CRACKS me up!  Luke was sitting with Dave and Mason was running off his sugar rush and I thought it would be a cute opportunity for a photo op... I sat Mason on the bench, got behind my camera, told everyone to smile and Mason took advantage of an opportune moment :)

Griffin tried out the slide for the first time...

... and then she snuggled up in her car carrier and looked cute :)

"Look, Mommy! Little one stick and big one stick!"

Luke got "tired" on the way home and wanted to ride in the stroller, so Mason got to ride his bike.  He insisted on doing it "i-self", but when he was going nowhere he told Dave that he was allowed to push him. :)
When we got home the boys packed up and headed to the library while Griffin took a nap and I worked around the house.

Luke and I headed out on some errands, one of which involved the world's GREATEST onion rings from a local McKinney drive-in.  Dave and I used to eat here about once a week during high school :)
 Saturday afternoon Griffin was rockin' her leopard headwrap :)

Sunday morning Griffin was looking super cute in her Matilda Jane :)

We dropped her off at Sunday School and it was obvious that she was having some major separation anxiety :)

Dave and Nick were twinkies at church... beards and everything!

And Shay and I enjoyed our Starbucks while we taught our sweet three year olds :)

We got home from church and changed into some comfy clothes...

 And in the afternoon Luke enjoyed the weather outside in his sandbox.  We told him to not get "too dirty" :) hahaha

 This afternoon Griffin spent some time in the Ergo while I folded laundry...

... and then Mason got a turn! Believe it or not it was really comfortable and I would totally carry him in this if we were out somewhere :)

Tonight Griffin was looking super cute in her jammies when we read bedtime stories.
I can't wait to see what y'alls weeks looked like via IG! Leave me a comment so I can check it out!!! :)


  1. I'm pretty sure that my favorite part of this post was seeing all of the sweatshirts at the end :). Fall is here!! XOXO

  2. I love love love all of the park pics! And Miss G in that Matilda Jane outfit! DARLING!!!

  3. Andrea, I love all of the photos that you got this weekend--always so colorful!
    Nothing better than leopard scarves and Starbucks at church :)
    Here's my week in photos:
    Have a great day!

  4. Seeing all of your pictures with jackets and scarves makes me jealous! It is still in the eighties here in Florida! Such cute pictures!

  5. I have a couple things...
    1. Griffin is still the cutest baby ever.
    2. I LOVE the picture of Mason taking a bite of Luke's donut. Smart boy!
    3. Nick and Dave's twinkie pic was GREAT!!
    4. And...I know you have something fabulous to wear with those leggings. Can't wait to see it!

  6. Great pictures, Andrea! I'm Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer my quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  7. So super duper cute! Love all the fall clothes!

  8. Your kiddos are just beyond precious! Yaaay for fun fall days with family! And OMG you are so unbelievably talented! The stuff that you made for Kensington's party was adorable! I can't wait to have my future blog be one of your Slightly Askew projects! :)


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