Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School

Luke and my first day of school was this past Wednesday, August 14th.  He'd been coming to school with me during my inservice meetings, but he was super excited to get back in the classroom.

You're not imagining things... Luke did Pre-K last year as well.  If you're interested in why we chose to have him take it "just one more time" check out THIS post.

 Our little ham bone is ready to be a leader and example in his class.  There's another little guy who he's besties with that's doing Pre-K again as well and I think they'll have a great time together. It's pretty obvious that this kid wasn't excited at all, am I right??? hahaha.  He loves school and thrives in the classroom.

Luke's second year at MCA and my EIGHTH!  I still can't believe that I've been a teacher for eight years!  I was a newlywed when I started with ALL the time in the world to devote to my classroom and students and OMG how it's changed over the years.  I still love it as much (if not more) as I did when I first started and I think I've finally found the balance of home and work.  I love that my job provides an opportunity for my kids to get a Christian education.  #blessed

Seriously.... when on earth did he get this tall?!?!?!  I thought the same thing the other night when he was standing at the kitchen counter and his whole head was above "counter level".  Wasn't it just yesterday that he couldn't even reach onto the counters???

When we got to school we saw one of Luke's besties, Maddie Grace, on the Middle School deck.  Luke is seriously a celebrity at MCA.  It's like he's the mayor. :)  I am continually surprised at how many older kids know his name and seek him out for high-fives on his morning trip from my classroom down to his room at the other end of the deck.

He wanted to walk to his classroom "all by himself", but I insisted on taking him down at least on the first day.  He did hold my hand the whole way down and when we got to his classroom he gave me a giant hug and kiss.  I stopped in at lunch yesterday and he told me that he loved it when I stopped by at lunch since I give great hugs. 

Dear God, Please let him ALWAYS stay this sweet and make sure that he always wants my hugs and kisses.  Even in front of his friends. hehehe.
That's all!
Love, Andrea

 Here he is by his cubby...

And with his FABULOUS teachers, Mrs. Clow and Mrs. Steenberg.  I've taught both of Mrs. Steenbergs boys (who are both in college), I had one of Mrs. Clows sons two years ago, have the other one this year, and I'll get her daughter next year!  How awesome is it that?!?!

 When I picked him up he was proudly sporting his "Kingdom Life" crown.  And since he had early release for the first three days he spent his afternoons in my classroom watching movies on my SmartBoard :)

It's been a fantastic first week and we're looking forward to a great round two of PreK!


  1. Such sweet pics of Luke! That boy has the best smile!!

  2. I hope he has the best year!
    love your little chalkboard sign & your outfit!

  3. Luke is one handsome little guy!!! Like your post on why you kept him in PreK for one more year! Also, love the gallery wall in your!!!


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