Sunday, August 18, 2013

Griffin's Closet

Let me start off my saying that I feel COMPLETELY inadequate to be writing this post.  Griffin is four months old, and while I'm having THE BEST time dressing her, I feel that there are some WAY more experienced mamas out there when it comes to dressing little girls.  But since I've had TONS of questions about where I get Griffin's clothes, what she's wearing, where her headbands are from, etc. I figured I'd oblige y'all. :)

I developed my own kind of "personal style" after college and would daydream about how fun it would be to  extend that to dressing a little girl.  After being blessed with two little boys, I decided that I'd just have to pass along my love of accessories, cute dresses and ruffle pants to friends daughters, nieces, etc.  Last August, when we found out we were having a third baby I knew I'd be happy with either gender as long as the baby was healthy, but I "may" have started a secret Pinterest board with girl clothes :)

In November I was told I was having a boy and we named him, brought down the bins of boy clothes, and I deleted my secret Pinterest board.  Then... crazy turn of events... December rolls around, as does my 20 week ultrasound and it turns out the baby we were told looked like a boy was actually a GIRL!  You better believe that after I finished crying and got over some of the initial shock, I stopped on my way home and bought some pink sparkly shoes :)

Griffin looks adorable no matter what she wears (or when she's wearing just a diaper - see pic below), but super fun clothes are just the icing on the already cute cake :)

I'm going to give y'all some info today on what Griffin normally wears as well as some shopping "tips" I've picked up over the last few months.

I am a total clothes hoarder.  I know this gives some of you hives, but I like to buy ahead.  If I see something cute, and it's in an 18 months, I'll pick it up if it's a good price.  My taste typically doesn't change (I tend to buy what I love and not necessarily follow trends... or buy trends that I love if that makes sense), so I know that if I love it now I'll probably still love it in a year or so.  That said, the biggest I've bought so far is a 2.  (I know, I know - crazy).  Griffin was born in April, and so I'm pretty lucky in that she typically will size up as a season changes (both my boys are April as well and this is how they were also).

Girl clothes are still a total mystery to me.  Boy clothes are soooooo straightforward... shorts and t-shirts in the summer, pants and long sleeve shirts in the winter :)  Girl stuff is way more mix-and-matchable and when you throw layering into the mix it gets confusing.  I like to have all her clothes out and on hangers so that I can see what I have.  She's already worn a few 12 month tops as dresses!

It's no secret that I love a monogram.  I knew in the beginning that onesies were going to be a staple item, but I decided to make them more personal and fun with a monogram.  I picked up this gown on Etsy from LittleStarsClothing.  They turned it around fast, the quality was great and it was the biggest monogram I could find (trust me... I did the research - hahaha).  Griffin came home in this gown and it is already in her keepsake box.

The mom of one of my former students has an embroidery business here locally, and I gave her several onesies to embroider for me as well.  I looked online and picked out styles that I liked and then picked thread colors that matched leg warmers I already had...

I loved that she was comfy, but cute and "put together" at the same time. 
A monogram can be a really easy way to make simple (and inexpensive!) pieces something special.  I picked up these Healtex dresses at WalMart for $5!  The embroidery cost $8/each so for $26 I have TWO awesome dresses!  The tops are super stretchy so I may even be able to put her in them next fall with tights, boots and a denim jacket!

One of our favorite brands is Giggle Moon....

And another is Baby LuLu...
 I've ordered both of these from online boutiques and occasionally will score a piece at a local consignment store (that store "may" call me when they get my favorite brands in - hahaha).  Giggle Moon has great stuff for newborns, but it goes all the way up to 5T I think.

While I'm talking about consignment store finds, here are a few more pieces from my local one.  This My Vintage Baby tank is size 12 months, but she rocked it from about 3 weeks on.  It was longer on her, but paired with a simple pair of leggings from Target it looked cute.

Mud Pie is a super fun brand that I've also gotten at consignment before...

... and check out this adorable Haute Baby outfit I scored a few weeks ago.  Perfect for fall!

I think consignment is a great way to get unique and upscale pieces for great prices.  Again - don't buy it unless you love it.  I've been guilty of buying stuff because it's a great brand at a great price and then never wearing it because I didn't love it... kind of defeats the purpose of the great deal :)

Another great place to score deals is Zulily.  You have to sign up, but the daily deals are FANTASTIC!  

I got this Hula Mula set for next Spring (again with buying ahead!) for a STEAL!

This Addi and Ella coat is from Zulily also.  The buttons are TO DIE FOR!

... as well as this animal print onesie that I got TONS of compliments on.  Sign up for Zulily today! I promise you won't be sorry!

Another brand that we LOVE is Persnickety.
LOTS of people asked me about this cute set and the pants, Lou Lou top and headband are all from Persnickety's Spring collection.  I bought it this summer when it was on sale and I think she'll be able to wear it into fall with a navy tee underneath.  The orange pants are also going to look perfect with some of our Fall "pumpkin" shirts :)

While I was buying Persnickety on sale I picked up a few more pieces for this coming Spring.  Persnickety is GREAT quality and really fun to mix and match.

Another super fun and unique brand is Mustard Pie.  The fabric is super comfy and if you're not afraid of color, the prints are FABULOUS :)

My all-time FAVORITE brand is Matilda Jane.  I love the look, uniqueness, and quality of the clothes as well as how versatile they are. 

All four of the dresses in the pictures above are actually either 12 or 18 month tops.  She's wearing them as little dresses now, and then she'll be able to wear then as tunics this fall and tops next Spring/Summer!

See! Spring halter paired with a denim jacket and Persnickety ruffles - ready for Fall!

My favorite MJ pieces are their knot dresses.  Here are a few of ours... perfect on their own or layered with some adorable coordinating ruffle pants and a long sleeve tee underneath.  The three dresses on the bottom have aprons on them that you can remove, giving the dress a whole new look.  Also, since the straps on the dresses are adjustable, we should be able to wear them as dresses and then as tops as they get shorter.

Matilda Jane also has super cute ruffle pants that you can pair with the dresses or with more solid tops...

This is a top I picked up at Gap Outlet.  The ruffles on top are MJ and the ones on the bottom are by Swanky Baby Vintage.

The ruffles that Griffin wore to our Back to School Dinner are Matilda Jane size 12 months.  They're supposed to be capris, but I rolled them once at the waist and called them pants.  

Also - the chambray top she has on is actually a GAP 0-3 month dress (she wore this in our first family photo back in April). SOOOOO TINY!!!

Matilda Jane isn't all knot tops and ruffle pants... here are a few of my other favorite pieces...

The thing about buying Matilda Jane is that it's sold by "reps" called Janes and TrunkKeepers.  If you go on the site and there are items you'd like to order, you can't just buy them through the site... if you're interested in some pieces, let me know and I'll give you my trunk keepers contact information.

It's not ALL boutique clothes all the time over here.  I love me some Gap and Old Navy as well...

This little peasant top is soooooooo cute! (and apparently I have a major thing for animal print... I totally didn't realize that until I started going through pics - hahaha)

Anyway... I hope I didn't bore y'all with my 7000 pics of baby clothes.  But hopefully you found a brand or two that you're going to go check out or maybe you'll hit up your local consignment store and find something fabulous this week.  If you have any great brands or stores that Griffin and I need to know about be sure to let me know!

Last, BUNCHES of you have asked about headbands and I'm going to do an entire post on those this Wednesday... so be sure to check back in!  I'll tell you where I order them from, how we wear them and how I store them!  I may even show y'all a few of my own headbands, just for fun!


  1. Let me start by saying that I've seen your sweet girl completely naked and she's absolutely adorable...she doesn't need clothes to be cute. That being said, holy cow! The clothes she wears are FABULOUS, and I get excited every time I see her all dressed up head to toe! Looking inside her closet just proves that you need a second daughter (maybe a third). That is one couture closet mama!

  2. Love this post! Already fans of some of these brands but can't wait to check out the others! I hope you do a post about your personal style too!

  3. Oh My Word...I am in TROUBLE now!!! All of her clothes are to die for...I am swooning big time over here after this post! Thanks for all the links and I think my fav is MJ and I am going to have to check that out. Griffin is just a doll and that kid has the best wardrobe evah!!!

  4. I've never seen such a well-dressed little girl! I'm glad you are sharing where you got her beautiful closet from!
    The knot dresses are really cute.
    I can't wait for the headband post!

  5. Sooo cute! Check out Lolly Wolly Doodle - they have a FB page. Super cute stuff. :)

  6. What a little fashionista!!!! So darling!

  7. Yes! These clothes are completely over the top in the most completely fabulous way possible! GREAT POST for mama's of little girls!

  8. Thank you for this great post! I found your blog and Instagram through Mix and Match Mama. You have an adorable family! After having a boy, I now have a girl and I'm loving the girl clothes and love how you dress your precious daughter!! I've worked as a nurse for years and was blessed to be able to stay at home after having my daughter but now that I've found your blog, Pinterest Told Me To and Mix and Match Mama I may need to get a paying job!! Lol!!

  9. Those clothes are too cute! Miss Griffin is absolutely adorable!! My very favorite shop is Edens...

  10. Oh my gosh, she is darling! If only my daughter (now 16) was still little and I could dress her like that. What fun!!!


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