Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let's Talk Headbands!

How fun is this?!?!?! An entire post dedicated purely to headbands!  Before Griffin was born I actually had very few headbands... then after she was here and I kind of figured out what I like (BIG) I went a teensy bit crazy.  My friend Kelly Beth jumped on the big bow band wagon and sent us this fitting bib.

I have a few "headband haters" - people who laugh at our GIANT accessories and headband problems like this one...
... but I also get TONS of positive feedback and compliments.  So far she had FABULOUS neck and head control which I contribute partially to tummy time and partially to supporting her big bows. :)

I can't help my love of giant headbands, I think I come by it naturally.  Check out the bow my Oma put on my mom in the picture below!

Okay, on to the headbands!!!  My very, very very favorite headbands ever are XL chiffon flowers.  In case you need proof, check out the following collage. hahahaha. 

The majority of these (I think all but two) are from Jameson Monroe on Etsy.  I love that they're big (most of these are the XL size, but a few of them are Large) and I love that they're fun and kind of a "signature" item.  I order in the 6 month - toddler size and then just tie a little knot in the elastic if they're a bit big.  That way we can wear them now and then untie the knot and wear them as she grows!  Also, whenever she outgrows the headbands (if she's still into hair accessories!) I can cut the flowers off and hot glue them to alligator clips.

Another headband that Griffin wears a lot are large silk flowers with little rhinestone centers.  I've bought these from Mud Pie as well as from Groopdealz and Very Jane (both daily deal websites).  They're fun because sometimes you can pick the elastic and then flower color to coordinate with particular outfits.  I have a super cute leopard band with black flower that she wears often as well. 


Now - let's talk about more unique and custom headbands.  The one in the picture below is my absolute favorite! It's by Persnickety and I think it's a total statement piece.  It was on the expensive side, but paired with something more basic, it totally makes her outfit.  

Another Persnickety headband that we get TONS of compliments on is this one with the wide lace band.  It's ivory so it goes with a lot and the lace is super pretty.

Another fun trend right now is the headwrap style band.  I bought both of these from a girl on Instagram... her username is @MaddyandI.  She makes custom headwraps and can even make Mommy and Me sets!  (Yes - I'm "that girl" who has a leopard head wrap to match my infant daughter - hahaha)

Now on to custom headbands.  I've ordered all my custom ones from Jameson Monroeon Etsy (again, she's FANTASTIC!).  The one below as actually a custom headband I won in a charity auction.  It's from her Parisian Chic collection and it is TOTALLY over the top.

 She made this headband to match this Mustard pie mint and yellow cardigan and ruffle pants set.

And did this GORGEOUS one on a lace band to coordinate with our Christmas card picture (yes... I already have all of our outfits picked out for Christmas pics... so fun!) and it ended up matching these adorable PEEK jeans that Aunt Diana and Uncle Mark gave Miss Griffin for Fall.

 I think a custom headband can "amp up" almost any outfit.

So... on to the question you've all been dying to know... how on earth do I store Griffin's growing headband collection.  This was a big dilemma for me, but I think I've finally figured it out.  It's not the most attractive solution, but it's behind her door and it works!  I bought command hooks and spaced them out on her wall.  Then I took picture frame wire that I had on hand and attached lengths of it to each set of hooks.  I bought curtain clips from IKEA (really cheap!) and strung them along the wire and then attached the headbands. EASY!

I have a tea cup holder on a side table in her room where I store head wraps, clips, hats, etc.

Well - I hope that I've answered your questions and maybe inspired you to slap a big 'ol bow on your babies head.  I figure that I might as well do it now because who knows when she'll start thinking otherwise.  :) 

 Last - I was going to include a few cute mama headbands, but this turned out WAY longer than I anticipated (and I'm wiped!) so I'm going to save it for another day, probably next week.  I'll show y'all some of my favorite headbands, hair accessories and am going to post a tutorial on how to make these SUPER EASY braided headbands.  

 I promise they're CRAZY easy and fun to make, so be sure to come and check it out!


  1. oh my goodness, such a gorgeous collection of headbands!
    my favorites are the flowers with big lace bands--like the one you said you'll use for Christmas photos :)

  2. She looks SO cute in all of those headbands!!! What a little Diva!!!

  3. Griffin OWNS those headbands. She knows how to rock one like nobody's business!

  4. I know once you find the perfect seller for headbands & bows, you typically stick with them, but I'd love for you to check out my facebook page! I have an advanced bow of the month club package, where every month you'll receive a surprise medium-large bow OR a piece of hair flair, which are my headbands! You also get a discount on other purchases AND a free birthday bow! A 12 month membership is less than $100.00! It's a steal! Your daughter is gorgeous by the way!!! www.facebook.com/honeypieaccessories

  5. This is AWESOME! My great-niece, Delaney, rocks a headband like its nobody's business. Both my husband and my dad always say " you know how she'd look prettier.... Without that headband on her head!" They just don't get it. LOL

    I love how you organize all of her headbands and can't wait to show my niece. She stores Delaney's in a drawer and it's a hot mess.


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