Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This past weekend...

Saturday I took a whopping ONE picture.  Well, four technically...

Sunday we managed to get everyone dressed, ready and out the door by 8:30.  #miracle

Dave told me it was time to take Griffin to the nursery and although I was hesitant I did it :)  Here she is with Miss Lynn (who rocked both her brothers in the nursery as well).

The highlight of our trip to church every Sunday is the golf cart ride back to the van with Mr. Zakarian.  Dave and I were in band in high school with Mr. Zakarians boys :)

After church we attempted a pic... :)

Griffin looked super cute :)

When we got home we all got in our comfies (yes, headbands are part of our comfies).

 Our afternoon consisted of naps, naps and some more napping.  Then we packed Griffin up and dropped her off with Gibi and Haha while we took the boys to the pool.  Luke jumped off the BIG diving board for the first time (YAY!) and we had the best time.  The boys ate hot dogs and ice cream and it was nice to be able to give them our undivided attention. :)
Mason REALLY enjoyed his drumstick :)

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