Tuesday, July 2, 2013

End of last week...

Last Wednesday morning...

Mason was pitching a ROYAL FIT because he bit his own arm... on purpose.  #crazy

Griffin wore a super cute outfit that Miss Rachel gave her...

I snapped this pic showing the "behind the scenes" of a Griffin pic :)

Wednesday night Dave and Luke ran up to Kroger for some essentials.  Dave texted me this pic:

Thursday morning Griffin and I had to go to MCA for another all-day Math Department meeting.  Griffin wasn't a distraction at all :)

After a long day of curriculum planning and going over individual standardized test scores Griffin kicked back and relaxed in her new Uggs that arrived in the mail :)

Friday morning I got up at 4:00 a.m. to feed Griffin and noticed that it felt a little bit warm.  Our a/c was running and maintaining at an "okay" temperature... but it wasn't cooling like it should have been. Uh-oh.  
Dave called our Home Shield place and they GUARANTEED us that they would send someone out first thing in the morning to get it fixed. Luckily, we already had plans to head to the Perot Museum so we weren't stuck at home on THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR with no a/c.

Anna Grace and I loaded up all the kiddos and headed to Dallas.  We made scared faces at the dinosaurs...

... and checked out the corn snake.  UGH!

Griffin drank a bottle and hung out in the stroller while the boys ran around like crazy people.

Anna Grace a.k.a. The Mason Wrangler... a.k.a. Mason's Personal Assistant :)

After the museum, our a/c STILL wasn't fixed, so we met up with Uncle Mark and Haha at Chick-Fil-A in Plano for some lunch.  Mark and Diana just bought a house in Richardson and Haha was meeting up with Mark for the inspection.
Mason is lookin' ROUGH after our morning at the museum and I have NO idea why he decided to show his belly off :)

The a/c guy came to our house while we were at lunch and decided that he needed to turn the entire system off for a few hours and then he could come back and better assess what was going on... that means our house got up into the 90s... so  the kiddos and I headed to Gibi and Haha's house to hang out.  The boys watched some Disney Junior and played with trains and Griffin napped and did her best Haha impersonation... :)
Thankfully it was an easy fix (the technician who did our maintenance check back in march didn't screw a cap on all the way and we lost over three pounds of Freon... awesome) and the kids and I were back home for dinner.  It was a LONG day, but also super fun.

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