Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1

July 1 started off PERFECTLY!!!! It was 70 degrees in the morning... perfect for a pre-breakfast walk!  Dave was off work, so we all walked down to Gibi and Haha's house.  Gibi was already at work, but Haha was home (and willing to share his black coffee with Mason... who LIKED it!)

We made Mason work for his breakfast :)

Mason falls ALL the time and his poor little knees take a beating.  Thankfully he's a tough little guy :)

Luke made this bag at Sunday School and he told me he made it for his beautiful sister, Griffin :)

I also came across this bookmark that Luke made at VBS for Mason...

After breakfast the boys ran some errands while I cleaned, and Dave texted me this pic :)

Griffin has been doing really well with formula and so Monday afternoon I went to Hobby Lobby ALL BY MYSELF!!!  I ADORE my kids,but it was FABULOUS to get out without having to bring a single capri sun, diaper or stroller.  #freedom

As if getting out by myself wasn't exciting enough... Hobby Lobby was putting out CHRISTMAS!!!  EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!  That means Fall is on the way!!!

I picked up this cute fabric for Gibi to make a dress for Miss Griffin :)

I also found this sweet cross...

Monday night Dave took the boys to the park to feed the ducks and turtles... LOVE!

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