Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 16-22

On July 16th Ana Grace came over in the morning and played outside with the boys while I worked on getting things ready for the lake...

That night Lilly came over to play and eat dinner and Dave took all three of them to the park to feed the turtles...

Lilly teaching the boys how to do a back bend...

... and giving Horsey Rides :)

 When we got back from the lake on Friday the boys had fun playing on the cooler.  I LOVE this picture because of the look on both boys faces :)

Saturday I went to Kroger and they had an employee dressed up as a chicken (complete with a chicken shopping cart) selling rotisserie chickens.

There was also this SWEET car in the parking lot. #awesome

Strawberry pies. FAVORITE!

Saturday night Dave and Haha took Luke to play a few holes of golf after dinner and Dave texted me this picture. When did he get so big???

Sunday morning girls pic!

Griffin looks at herself in my phone camera now - so cute!!!

Griffin helping me eat my pasta salad :)

LOVING me Pinterest Told Me To denim jacket :)

I HATE mopping and so Dave did it for me.  He's the BEST!

Sunday night our small group met at the pool.  :) 

Griffin hung out with the girls while the kids swam :)

Monday Luke started VBS at Christ Fellowship and Mason had to do the stairs when they dropped Luke off.   Stairs are super exciting when you have a one-story house :)

Luke found this Santa hat in our dress up box and then picked out his own clothes to match.  Christmas in July, anyone???

VBS is "medieval themed" :)

Why was Griffin so bright-eyed on Monday??? Because SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!  YAY!!!  She took a bottle around 8:00 p.m., then we fed her in her sleep around 11:00 and then she slept all the way until 7 a.m.!!!

Monogrammed pacis. Yes, please.

Speaking of monograms, I had a BUNCH of stuff monogrammed and it all got dropped off on Monday afternoon.  OBSESSED with these sweet little dresses for Spring.

I also had each of the kids initials embroidered onto these little envelopes that hang on the backs of our kitchen chairs.  I know I want to write them little love notes in February leading up to Valentines Day and I'm working on ideas of how to incorporate it into our Christmas traditions.

Monday night we met Dave's parents, grandmas and one of his brothers for dinner at Olive Garden.  These green Stella and Dot earrings are STILL my faves :)

Uncle Stephen drives a motorcycle and the boys got a kick out of trying on his helmet...

Luke was SOOOOOOOOOO impressed with the "cheese sprinkler" that the waiter used to put cheese on everyones meals.  He told me that all he wanted for Christmas was a cheese sprinkler and that if Santa brought him one he'd be THIS (insert crazy face picture) excited. :)  Cheese is his love language.


  1. ah! more pretty Griffin clothes & a monogrammed paci!
    this makes me want my baby to be a girl! (I'm 13 weeks!)

  2. Where did you get the monogrammed paci? I can't find one like that. Thanks!!

  3. Where did you get those cute envelope for chairs?! What a great idea!!


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