Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 11-15

It was a double time out kind of morning...

Sweet girl wants to stand all. the. time.


Despite the heat, Mason insisted on being SpiderMan while he worked on his puzzles...

Griffin is completely bottle fed, and although I miss nursing there's sweet moments with bottle feeding as well.

Tummy time with her Hohos :)

We're ready to cheer on our MCA Mustangs this fall with a sweet new blue and gold headband :)

When it's STUPID HOT outside, we resort to fort building...


The best part of going back to school??? A FRESH calendar :)

I found Mason watching Caillou like this...

My BIG helper...


I'm telling you.  Standing. All. The. Time.

Family room picnic.

These are the best cupcakes EVER!

This was July of 2010.  Luke was two and we spent EVERY day at the pool together.  It was so much fun and this picture just conjures up all sorts of sweet memories of spending time with him.

Griffin had a case of the Mondays (on a Saturday)...

A bottle made everything better.

After swimming lessons on Saturday, Luke came home, went to get a bowl out of one of our bottom cabinets and next thing I knew he was laying on the floor clutching his head.  I thought he was being dramatic, but when he took his hand away from his face blood was EVERYWHERE!

Sunday morning Griffin wore a sweet new outfit.  LOVE!!

It was unseasonably cool (like 30 degrees cooler than normal)...

... and so we declared Sunday "stay in our pjs day".

Monday morning started with some snuggles (and graham crackers) in our bed...

While the boys ran errands, Griffin and I played dress up. I CAN NOT wait for Fall!

Griffin helped me bake in the afternoon...

and that night Haha and Dave took Mason and Luke to see Despicable Me 2.  It was Masons first movie and he did GREAT (despite talking LOUDLY throughout the movie... "What's that, Daddy???")

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