Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun on the Fourth

Dave had to work on Fourth of July, so we decided to make the best of the morning we had and hit up the Hometown Parade downtown.  Griffin was lookin SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute and we had to take a pic together.  This is TRUE mommy love because I'm makeup-less and the shirt makes me look 9 months prego and I'm STILL posting the pics :)
We found a shady spot and settled in for the parade...

Mason will NOT give a kiss without a hug too, so so so sweet!

Me and Luke : )

Sweet boy was EXCITED!

Gibi tagged along and we were so glad!

We got to the parade early to get a good spot and so we decided to pick up donuts on the way and eat them while we waited for the parade to start.  Luke went in to the donut shop with Dave and he was really excited about the donut he picked JUST for Mason.  When I pulled it out of the bag I was more than a little surprised... it was the biggest, reddest, most patriotic donut EVER!  It even had flags sticking out of it! 

I was going to try to hold it while he ate it to avoid a total RED mess...

... but that didn't last long.  He insisted on doing it HISSELF (hehehe) and he was COVERED in red icing.  :)

We met up with the Dreffs and the Slaughters and Ebby Lee was soooooooooooooooo cute.  She was ooohing and aaahing over Griffin and when I asked her if she wanted to hold her I thought she just might burst :)

My boys have ZERO interest in babies and I LOVE how little girls are always so excited to see her.  I'm looking forward to baby dolls, strollers, the works!  American Girl store here I come!!! :)

This girl normally is up for about an hour and a half and then it's time for a nap.  On this day she woke up around 6 and when I took this picture it was after 10 and homegirl hadn't slept a wink!  Hence the lazy eye and weird sleepy look.  hehehe


The McKinney parades are a totally weird combination of cars, people walking in costume, boy scout troops, horses and motorcycles.  This year was no exception.

Before the parade, Luke and Gibi were walking around and on the other side of the square they found these little patriotic pinwheels.  When they got back to our group Luke realized that he was one short and so he and Gibi walked all the way back to get one for Mason...

... and one for Griffin too :)

There were no less than 7000 motorcycles in the parade and Mason HATES loud noises.  Hence the terrified meltdown that ensued...

It's so funny, because if you ask Mason West about the parade he'll tell you "I saw moto-cycles.  They loud." :)

Nixon thought they were loud too (and how cute is that Presley Dreffs!)

Hugs for Ebby Lee (LOVE the look on Presley's face)

 When we got home Dave headed in to work while the kiddos all ate lunch and took naps.

Y'all know I love a jean jacket :)


That afternoon Gibi and Haha came over and surprised Luke with a NEW BIKE!  He was beyond excited and has asked to ride his bike about every 20 mins since.  

Once Dave got off work he took Luke to watch fireworks with Jonathan, Tori, Lilly,Matthew, Stefan and Levi and I stayed home with Griffin and Mason.  We figured with Mason's aversion to loud noises, fireworks may not be the best idea :)

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  1. the parade looks like it was such a fun time!
    I love your patriotic outfits, esp Griffin's RW&B bow :)


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