Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 2-5

Here I am playing catch-up again!  The following pics are from July 2-5.

It's STUPID HOT outside and so pretty much the only time we play outside is early in the morning or after dinner.  This was a typical morning playtime...

Taking a 3.5 hour nap will make a girl HUNGRY!

I try to do some sort of "school" activity with Luke almost every day (mainly because I don't want him going back to school and have his teacher be like, "WHAT did your mom do with you all summer!" hahaha)

On this particular day we worked in inequalities (aka "Alligator Math")

Sweet sweet girl :)

Mason West is a great napper, but not a great "waker upper".  He gets "after nap" and it takes him a good 30 minutes to be himself after waking up.

I had SUPER curly hair when I was little and Gibi is convinced that Griffin will have curly hair... this is a pic of a teeny tiny little curl on the back of her head.  I think it may have just been creased from her headband, but we'll call it a curl :)

Another fun afternoon project... I drew Mason a caterpillar and he glued foam shapes of the same color in each section.  (p.s. I helped him A LOT with this - hahaha).  He really wanted to glue... but I think the overall concept was a little over his head.

I also drew Luke a big train that he worked on coloring... he LOVED this (despite my drawing skills - hehehe).

Mason was having a REALLY hard time at dinner.  The child LOVES yogurt, but apparently he doesn't love being told to eat his yogurt.  My favorite is the top middle picture where he's looking at the yogurt with disgust and the bottom left.  Being two is hard.

Griffin Joy's tummy time:

I worked on a banner to coordinate with a baby shower invitation I made as well.  LOVED how this one turned out :)

On July 3rd we made "fireworks" by dropping watered down paint onto black construction paper with a medicine dropper and then using a straw to "blow" the paint into a firework shape and then sprinkling them with glitter.

Mason LOVES raspberries and he LOVES stealing them off my plate (by the HANDFUL!)

Griffin Joy sporting her patriotic attire:

On July 5th we picked up Anna Grace (Hallelujah!) and headed to the mall.  Griffin was WIPED!

It was soooooooooo nice to have a second pair of hands/eyes and the boys had THE BEST time!

Luke picked out a new Lego Hero Factory set and he couldn't wait to get home and work on it!

This Baby Lulu set has been one of my very favorites.  I'm going to be BEYOND upset when she outgrows it. :(

Me and my girl!

There's a reason we call this boy "Messon" :)

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  1. I LOVE the caterpillar and the train that you made for M & L!!
    The baby shower invite & banner are super cute!



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