Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day 2013

My dad was out of town for Father's Day (visiting HIS dad in Canada) and so I made sure to post some awesome pictures of us on FB for the occasion.  The pic on the left is us at a Girl Scout Father/Daughter dance... '50s theme.  The pic on the top right is self explanatory (Griffin lookalike???) and the pic on the bottom right is at the end of my wedding reception.  LOVE MY DAD!

I also shared a few of my favorite pictures of Dave :)

This will forever be one of my VERY favorite pictures... EVER!
We went to church and all my kiddos wore their Father's day apparel.  I thought Griffin was looking ESPECIALLY cute in her tutu :)  I snapped this pic of her (and her very full belly) after nursing her in the church nursery...

My boys leaving church...

After church I tried to snap a pic of Dave with all his kids.  I think the best one I got was actually with my iPhone...

Mason thought it was HILARIOUS to rip the leaves off the ivy.  Crazy kid.

Mason?!?!?! :)

 I soooooooooo wish Luke didn't have crazy eyes in the next one because I Think it would be PERFECTION! I may try to Photoshop some eyes from a previous pic onto this one.  hehehe.  We'll see.

 During naptime Luke helped me make a special Reese's freezer pie for Dave :) 

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