Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Small Group - June Edition

Our small group met at the pool on Sunday night to swim, eat and wrangle our kids :)  There are LOTS of boys and they had so much fun...

Check out sweet J...

This pic cracks me up...

Griffin got in the water with her daddy...

... and Mason did his Mason thing where he's in the water for about 30 seconds, then he wants out and then he wants back in again. Awesome.

Kensington was SOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet with Griffin.  They're the only girls in the group and they have to stick together with all the crazy boys.

EEEK! :)

Crazy kids table :)

We attempted a group picture and the following happened... there are about 5000 pics to follow, but each one cracks me up for different reasons.  
J's face:

This is where the "musical chairs" portion of our evening started:



This one may be my favorite:

We love our small group peeps and had so much fun :)

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  1. I love these pictures!! We always have so much fun with our small group family!!


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