Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Playing Catch Up - Part 1

Last Saturday morning (June 15th), Dave took the boys out to run errands and they made a stop at the park.  He texted me these pictures...

There's a pond with TONS of fish and turtles, so they brought old tortillas to feed them.  Mason decided to munch on the old gross tortillas. Ugh. Boys. :)

Later in the afternoon Mason and I took some selfies on the couch...

... and he admired his new Batman shirt.  He can often be found running around yelling, "I Batman!!!"

No paci... no problem!!!

Griffin and I have matching headbands!

On Monday (the 17th), I had a Math department meeting ALL DAY!!!  It was crazy long and Griffin felt my pain :)

Griffin and I hung out in my classroom during lunch...

Curriculum planning... exciting, right???

This is the only thing that got me through our afternoon session...

I was TOTALLY jealous of little miss :)

While I was discussing new Algebra textbooks and cross-curricular planning, my boys were hanging out at the park...

... and eating lunch at Dairy Queen with Dave's grandmas :)

Tuesday morning started off with some army man time.  Mason wanted his "guys" to drink some tea.

I found these guys high-fiving on my kitchen counter later in the day.  hahaha

 After we picked up Luke from Backyard Bible Club, he and Griffin hung out.  He was telling her all about his Hot Wheels cars... she looks SUPER interested, right???

Tuesday night I went to dinner with some of my besties, and I snapped this picture as I was pulling out.  Luke was asking me when I'd be back and I'm pretty sure I was responding with, "20 minutes after Daddy puts you to bed" :)

I was enjoying some great girl talk and delicious enchiladas on the patio when I received this lovely text :)

After dinner, Griffin andI wandered around Target for a bit (BOY FREE!) and when I got home Luke wanted to build with me for a bit.  I went into my room to get changed and when I came out I found this... 

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