Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Saturday: Car Show and a Date with Griffin

This picture is actually from Friday night when Gibi came over and we played Zingo and ate brownies with the boys :)

Saturday morning breakfast with my monkeys... Mason is holding a spoon in his mouth... not sure why.  But I'm not really sure of a lot of things he does. :)

After breakfast it was time for Luke to build a lego building (SHOCKING, I know)!

Mason scooted around on his airplane announcing that he was "A EYE-LIT"

Dave packed the boys up to run some errands, Griffin went down for a nap, and mommy enjoyed some tea and shopping :)

While the boys were out, they ran into an impromptu car show in the Whole Foods parking lot and Dave texted me these pics...

After Whole Foods they made a pit stop at the library...

These flowers are what they were doing at Whole Foods :)  I'll take peonies and freesia over roses any day!

Dave left for work and Griffin "helped" me fold laundry...

... I put Mason down for a nap, then Griffin went down and then when I went to check on Luke (who was watching a movie) I found him asleep too! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!

After nap we had some tummy time...

... and I spent some time staring at these sweet baby toes :)

Griffin and I got ready and we went to the Choir Dinner Show at MCA.  It was so much fun and great to see all my super talented kiddos. 

While Griffin and I were out, Gibi stayed with the boys and texted me sweet pictures like these...

Griffin with McKenna and Lily - two of my favorite soon-to-be Juniors.

Best part of NOT being pregnant (other than the baby, of course) is being able to wear "most" of my clothes again!  YAY for having my wardrobe back!

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