Friday, May 10, 2013

Growth Spurt

Yesterday was CA-RAZY!  Griffin woke up STARVING and pretty much didn't stop eating all day.  Apparently a 3-week growth spurt is fairly common and her insatiable appetite was fairly normal.  Below is the face I saw pretty much every 1.5 - 2 hours.  Major pout.

The pic above is my only picture from Thursday, because I literally spent the day on the couch feeding her.  By the time she was done eating, burped and changed she'd sleep for about 30 minutes and then want to eat again.  All the eating meant less sleep which in turn led to a SUPER FUSSY baby.  Dave was working, but thankfully Gibi came to my rescue and helped out at night.  I was EXHAUSTED and starving from nursing all day and the sleep I was able to get thanks to Gibi was priceless!

This morning Mason was running around with this pillow and he'd set it down and say "I sleep. Here." So cute :)

Griffin was back to her old self today.  Well fed, well rested and well dressed :)

She wasn't hungry as often, but when she was she meant business!

Thankfully, once she ate she was fine :)

Luke brought home a super cute Mother's Day craft :)


  1. her little pouty face is the best! sooo precious!!

    so many of the little things you say about Mason remind me of our youngest ~ those 2 could get into some super cute trouble!! ;)

  2. the note from Luke is too cute! he's a smart boy :)

  3. Super cute! Love Luke`s card.


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