Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm pretty sure I post this picture every year, but I LOOOOOOOOVE it!  My mom and I :)
Griffin looks like me, no?

Sunday morning with two of my babies (and a bowl of Lucky Charms) in bed...

Luke "wrapped" my Mother's Day present in a box he made out of Legos (duh!!!).  
My sweets gave me a sweet "nest" charm for my necklace and a gift card for a massage! (AMEN!!!!)

Dave had to work (Mother's Day brunch is BIG) so it was just me and the kiddos all morning.  Griffin hung out while her brothers played...

... and when Daddy got home she took a nap on the couch :)
The things that Daddy will let you do while mommy tries to sleep off a migraine!
We all woke up from our naps and it was time to head to dinner at The Ranch with my parents and Mark and Diana.
My mom and her babies :)

Mason rockin' his shades and goofy grin.
(Sidenote: This boy has the finest, straggliest hair EVER and I have NO CLUE what to do with it.  I MAY have been convinced to cut it short and spike it up... but I just can't commit).

Luke and his mom away from mom :)

Just the girls :)

Mason DID NOT want to share his Uncle Mark with Luke...

Aunt DiDi and Miss Griffin...

Chicken fighting in the parking lot... keeping it classy at the country club :)

I took this picture of Mark "wrangling" Mason and IMMEDIATELY thought of a picture I took of him and Luke almost EXACTLY three years ago. SO WEIRD!!!

We got home, put all three kiddos to bed and then I ended my Mother's Day with this ridiculousness.  YUM!

And I saw this and found it to be WAY too appropriate. :)


  1. ha!! that e card is hilarious!! i always say my trainer needs to give me notice on days that i will be jump roping or doing any kind of jumping! ;) Looks like you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

  2. sweet photos with your family!
    It looks like it was a very nice Mother's Day.
    I love your mint dress,
    and Griffin's gray floral dress! :)



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