Thursday, May 9, 2013

Three Weeks

Griffin turned THREE WEEKS old yesterday!  CRAZY!
She started the morning off with the biggest yawn EVER!

Haha stopped by and Scooter was waiting in the car... he cracks me up :)

This is the reason I have a hard time getting things done during the day.  But... as my mom pointed out, this IS doing something :)  Soaking up all the sweet snuggles I can!

After our snuggle session we got dressed and ready to go run errands and meet Haha for lunch:

Haha convinced me to try out Genghis Grill and I'm soooooooo glad that I did.  YUM!!!!

After lunch Griffin and I had to run to Sam's and the outlet mall and she was my perfect little shopping companion :)

Day "I'm too embarrassed to say" dirty hair with a cute headband... Griffin's not the only one who can rock a hair accessory :)

Wide awake after an afternoon feeding.  Extra chin anyone???

After dinner, Dave took the boys on a walk while Griffin ate and went down for a nap.  They met up with Gibi who had a big bag of bread to feed the geese in the pond behind their house.

LOVE that we get to live down the street from Gibi and Haha and see them on a daily basis. :)

Mason and Gibi do the stairs...

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  1. 3 weeks already! wow!
    I like your flower headband :)
    How nice that Gibi & Haha live so close. We're contemplating a move to the town our parents live in (about an hour away), and maybe that would be nice for all of us!



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