Saturday, May 25, 2013

133 Pics...

Okay... I'm not ACTUALLY posting 133 pics, but I am posting 32 which now seems a lot better, right?!?!?!  I have bragged on Kelly at Love Fern Photography MULTIPLE times and am super excited to share her work and brag on her again.  We met her at a local park when Griffin was about 9 days old and had these pictures done.  Obviously I'm not good at picking "only a few" so here's the best I could do :)

It is QUITE the feat to get a family picture where everyone is looking...

Notes to self...
1) Attempted curly hair coupled with CRAZY humidity leads to some MAJOR flatness
2) Apparently even 9 days after giving birth I STILL retain some crazy amounts of water
3) A little self tanner would have gone a long way (granted... it wasn't high on my priority list at the time, but still!)

LOVE THIS!!!  I just wish that Mason had been in the pic as well... but he was probably off crying somewhere - homeboy was in a FUNK that morning :)

Funk Exhibit A:

Dave almost DIED when I told him I wanted him to wear a "chambray" shirt :)  Totally not his style, but he ended up liking it. AND, funny story... I was buying Dave this shirt for this photo session when I started having contractions with Miss Thing!

Sassy Pants!

Despite the tears, there were lots of kisses that morning as well...

My boys - LOVE LOVE LOVE this one :)

The situation got so desperate we had to break out the paci:


  1. I have never, ever, ever seen better pictures of Luke. Ever. (I mean, he's always cute...but these pictures are phenomenal!). I thought Griffin would steal the show...but I think your boys did! Such sweet, sweet, sweet family pictures! I want to see the other 100 :).


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