Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mason West is TWO!!!

Mason West is TWO, y'all!!!  Seriously, when did this happen?!?!?!

Wasn't it just yesterday that I this little, blotchy nosed cutie patootie made his arrival after causing me WEEKS and WEEKS of swelling and drama???? :)

My 6 lb 9 oz "Little Bit" has been nothing but an absolute JOY - fitting into our family absolutely perfectly.
He's got definite personality, spunk and determination and he makes us laugh DAILY.

His current favorites include eating (seriously... he eats about TWICE what a kid his age typically would... especially turkey dogs and cupcakes), throwing the ball and doing WHATEVER his big brother is.  His vocabulary is expanding by the hour and he's becoming super inquisitive ("What dat noise, mommy???").

He loves to pretend that he's a dinosaur and "scare" people, he's notorious for being SUPER social and waving and saying hi to total strangers and he is 100% a mama's boy.

He gives us a run for our money, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

We love you, Masonator!  Happy SECOND Birthday!!!

- Daddy, Mommy & Luke -


  1. Oh my gosh! It's gone by so quickly!! Happy birthday sweet Mason! The Shull family loves you!! XOXO

  2. What a cutie, happy birthday to your little one!
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  3. Happy Birthday Mason!! Hope you guys had a great day celebrating. I LOVE the fact that Mason is spunky! My #2 is spunky too. They make it so much fun!


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