Monday, April 15, 2013

Sound Sleeper

A week ago Sunday (April the 7th) we woke up around midnight because Mason was in his crib crying.  We let him cry for a couple of minutes, thinking that he probably had just dropped his pacifier and that he'd find it again and be fine.  When the tears didn't stop, Dave went into check on him and found him with his leg wedged between the crib bars. He attempted to free him :), but it was actually wedged in above his knee and his knee was starting to look red and puffy.  I came in and we both attempted to get his leg unstuck, using tons of baby lotion, turning him multiple directions, etc.  I started to panic a bit and so I did what anyone would do... call their dad :)  

Haha came down right away, fully prepared to cut the crib bars, but he was able to pry them apart enough (without cracking them) for us to slide Mason right out.  Needless to say - that was the end of Mason in the crib.  We put him back to bed in his new bed in the boys shared room and haven't looked back.

The transition hasn't been easy and we're still having a few issues, but for the most part he's done great.  A few nights ago Dave went in to check on the boys before we headed to bed and when he went to check on Mason he wasn't in the bed.  He looked around everywhere and finally located him... 
... Crazy boy got out of his bed fine, but apparently, in the dark, couldn't get back in the bed and so he just settled in on the floor. :)

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  1. Poor little guy! Glad you were able to get his leg out, without any injury.

    But that picture, just makes me smile. He's too cute.


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