Friday, April 19, 2013

InstaUpdate: Monday, April 15th

Monday was my first "official" day of Maternity leave.  I started it off by taking Luke to school... it was surreal to drop him off (in my PJs!) and not then drive around to the middle school, park and go inside :)

Dave took Mason to Lisa's house for the day and then Dave and I got started on our to-do list.  I spent ALL DAY Saturday doing some MAJOR nesting, but had a big list of stuff to accomplish with Dave (and no kids!) on Monday.  We cleaned up outside, I washed the boys boots (hahaha - you know you're pregnant when...) and we worked on organizing the attic (fun, right???)

We took a bunch of clothes to a friend who's going to Sierra Leonne in about a month and then headed off to lunch at Rick's Chophouse together. It was quiet and FABULOUS!

We got home and I laid down for a bit and Dave went and picked up the boys from school/Lisa's.  He took them to the library (because he's super dad!)...

... and when they got home we decided to let the boys eat dinner outside.

Griffin and I didn't jump on the new trampoline :), instead we sat with our feet up drinking iced tea and eating popsicles.

After dinner we got cleaned up and tucked in one-year-old Mason for the last time :)  Tuesday he was turning TWO!!!

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