Friday, April 19, 2013

Insta Update: Griffin is HERE!

So.... here are the last couple of days via Instagram.  Better pictures are coming - PROMISE!!!
On Tuesday, April 16th I had an OB appointment at 8:20.  Griffin looked great, I was measuring 3 cm dilated and all was well... so Dr. Sara decided to "strip my membranes".  I won't go into details... it's just a really thorough exam.  Enough said.  

After my appointment I ran a couple of errands and then headed home to rest.  I started having contractions around 11:00 a.m and they were almost immediately pretty consistently - coming almost every 10-12 minutes.  I worked on some Slightly Askew projects, ate a bit and then laid down for the afternoon.  I woke up and the boys arrived home... Mason was TWO!!!

I was pretty uncomfortable, but somehow made it through dinner/the evening/bedtime with the boys while Dave was at work.  After everyone was in bed I downloaded an app to keep better track of my contractions and that's when it hit me that I might actually be in labor.  I texted Dave to let him know that it might be the real thing and to make sure he had his phone on (he worked until about 11:30 p.m.).  

Dave got home, I tried to sleep for a bit, but about 1:30 I decided it was "go time".  We called my mom to watch the boys and Dave and I headed out. 

We got to the hospital around 2:30 and they put me in a room to "observe".  I was still dilated to about 3 cm despite having contractions every 5 minutes at that point.  They monitored my contractions for a little over an hour and around 4:00 I was 4 cm.  They thought it might still be "false labor" (hahaha - not sure how that's false) and instructed me to drink about a gallon of water over the next hour.  I drank the water and braved my way through the intensifying contractions and when she checked me again at 5:00 a.m I was 6 cm dilated and my contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes.  They officially admitted me, were able to get my IV started and it was a waiting game for the epidural.  I was completely miserable until around 6:00 when I finally got the epidural. HALLELUJAH!!!

Dave left around 6:30 to get home and get the boys ready for their day (school and Miss Lisa's) and got back to the hospital around 8:30.  I was able to sleep a bit while he was gone and when my mom showed up a little before 9 Dr. Sara broke my water and said that she'd be "close by".  She came back to check on my at 10:00 a.m., informed me that I was ready and they got the room ready for Miss Griffin's arrival.  This epidural was BY FAR the best one that I've had and I could feel NOTHING!  Like, seriously... nothing!
I pushed a total of 4 times and girly was here!

Wednesday, April 17th 2013
10:11 a.m.
7 lbs 9 oz - 19" long

She came out alert and looking JUST like her big brother, Mason :)

I nursed her for a bit, we ooohed and aaahed over her and then I pretty much passed out.  I slept for a bit and then they moved me to my postpartum room.

Griffin got her bath and when she came back all clean we took a few pictures.  
Yes, I look like Casper... my iron levels are CRAZY LOW right now making me look like a ghost :)

Kisses for Daddy before he headed off to pick up the boys...


Griffin and I both napped for a bit and then we had a TON of visitors, including my BOYS!!!

And Sweet Lilly!

Later that night I changed Griffin into the most fashionable PJs ever...

And we settled in for the night.  My mom spent the night with me so Dave could be at home with the boys and she was AWESOME!  I had a mild panic attack when I woke up and found my hands and feet TOTALLY swollen. I have serious issues about swelling after my pregnancy with Mason and the thought of making it through the pregnancy with minimal swelling only to give birth and then swell up like a whale was too much to bear.  Plus, I had my wedding and engagement rings on and there was NO way they were coming off... super super painful!

(sidenote - even in the middle of the night I needed serious help getting to and from the bathroom as my epidural (which was removed at 11:00 a.m.) STILL hadn't worn totally off and I couldn't support my weight with my right leg)

We woke up Thursday morning to a FREEZING and rainy day... but it was all sunshine and snuggles in our room :)

My mom headed to work and after taking the boys to school (and stopping at Starbucks for hot tea for mommy), Dave got back to the hospital.  We ate breakfast, hung out and talked about how pretty Griffin is pretty much all morning.  Dave's cousin Amy Jo brought us some GORGEOUS flowers...

... and we got the check-out process rolling.  Griffin got checked again by the pediatrician and passed her hearing test with flying colors. 

We changed Griffin into her coming home outfit (EEEEK! THE CUTENESS!)

 ... and we were finally discharged around 2:00.

We got home and Griffin settled right in - pooping and peeing on Dave followed by a GIANT blowout diaper.  It's good to be home :)

 Dave picked up the boys from school and they ran to WalMart for me and when they got home there were presents waiting for them from some of my co-workers.  Including this AWESOME robot hat :)

One of my students stopped by and brought us cupcakes and flowers and Andrew and Shay stopped by with special treats as well :)  LOVE MY FRIENDS!

There was some serious fun going on in the kitchen...

Luke was REALLY interested in Griffin's "belly button"...

And he kept saying that she was "so cute" and "beautiful as his Legos" :)

Friday was just Dave, Griffin and I at home and we had the best time.  We snuggled her and took tons of pictures and somehow managed to get a few things done around the house as well.

Mason was still a bit skeptical after school, but he was asking for "sister" and "Griffin" when she wasn't in the room, which was super sweet.

So far he's adjusting well... but I did catch him breaking two rules at one time this afternoon (no pacis outside of bed and no sitting on the table)...

Dave went in to work around 4:00 and it was just me and all three of my monkeys.  I was super nervous, but they all took it pretty easy on me.  Griffin napped while I got the boys fed and we had a great time giggling at Crazy Mason :)

Gibi came over after dinner and got to see Luke singing his sister some Bible songs.  #sweetestthingever

Mason MAY think that he's still the baby :)

We wrapped up our evening together by BOTH sitting in the chair to watch Lady and the Tramp.  It's been months since I've been able to squeeze myself and my belly into the chair for movie night so it was a real treat for both of us.
 So far, so good!
 We feel beyond blessed and are so very grateful for all three of our kiddos. 


  1. Congratulations to you & Dave! Griffin is beautiful and perfect!! She already resembles your boys so much.
    "beautiful as his Legos".... awww. :)


  2. LOVED this post! So happy Sweet Little Griffin is here!!!!

  3. Griffin is beautiful! We are so blessed to have her in our little group now. Love you guys!

  4. Congratulations, Andrea! Griffin is absolutely adorable...she will love having two protective big brothers growing up :)


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