Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week of March 4 via Instagram

The boys "Pirate Pajama Pancake" party is only a couple of weeks away and so I decided to get my supplies together... I pulled it all out, got overwhelmed and haven't done anything since.  hahaha.  This week, friends, this week.

Luke SHOCKED me this past week when he asked for a can of tomato juice.  Apparently, Daddy has shared his with him before and I just wasn't aware of how much he likes it.  Cracks me up because he's so picky!

Thanks to a Monday where EVERY SINGLE ONE of my classes were taking tests (seriously, it's like a teacher's DREAM!) I was able to finish thank you notes from the shower I received the week before.  It was brutal, but Starbucks tea and testing kids made it possible :)  Yes... the kid in the picture below is sound asleep.  hahaha

After getting all the pirate supplies out, the boys got super excited and wanted to model some of their pirate gear.  There were lots of "ARRRRRS" and "AHOY MATEYS" around our kitchen that night.

Every night before bed Mason insists on reading Goodnight Moon at last twice... usually three times.  We try to read other books, but he always comes back to his favorite.

When we get to the part about Goodnight Mush Mason always yells "OATMEAL!!!" :)

On Monday these were some things that made my day...  Wearing a fun sweater and necklace to a great OB checkup (everything's on track!  Griffin is growing and moving and doing everything she's supposed to... including giving mommy some OUTRAGEOUS heartburn!).  Some Hanna Andersson sleepers came in which totally made me smile... y'all know how much I love pajamas.  And for us, zip up ones are the ONLY way to go (seriously... who wants to snap up 15 snaps at 3:00 a.m.?!?!?!).  Pregnant lady parking always makes me happy - and I just found out they added some at church!  Dave mowed and we had the "lines" in the grass... simple pleasures, right?  G2 with a straw is my go-to-drink and a new basket for the backseat of the van made me WAY too happy :)  The boys "meet their sister" shirts came in and I almost cried!  It won't be long before they're wearing them!  And how cute are girly receiving blankets?  I had TONS for the boys, but had gotten rid of all of them - so when I went to pick some up I was pleasantly surprised at how cute the girly ones were!  And last, but not least, new paper products!  Almost NOTHING makes me happier than new stationary, notebooks, cards, etc.

I was grading tests on Monday night and this student's simple response to my bonus question made me laugh out loud.  Knowing the student makes it better, but still :)

My mom keeps track of the boys height on her front door and when Luke and Dave walked down on Monday night to bring Haha something she decided to measure him.  Turns out he's grown almost 3 inches in 9 months!  This would explain why all of his pants are too short.  Skinny minny is built JUST like his daddy.

Picked out his kite and getting excited for Kite Day...

On Wednesday I didn't have any classes (the middle schoolers were all on their class trips - which I wasn't asked to chaperone this year), so it was a yoga pants and hoodie kind of a day for me. When we were walking out to the car I realized that Luke and I were twinkies! LOVE HIM!

Mason West LOVES to hide...

I was reunited with my favorite smoothie this week.  I haven't been able to stomach the thought of one since morning sickness, but this week I couldn't think of anything else!  YUM!

Lego sorting is almost complete!  We had a "sorting party" the other night to try and get it all done...

Thursday afternoon Luke and I walked through the gym to get to the car and it was empty!  It was super strange because there's always TONS of stuff going on in there after school.  Luke took full advantage - running around like a crazy person.  Can you spot him???

When we got out to the car he wanted to take a picture of both of us in our sunglasses.

It's a miracle! Sorted, organized and put away. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Throwback Thursday to some of my most favorite people EVER :)

A quick trip to Sam's with my crazies :)

Mason reading Goodnight Moon to me...

I picked up a rotisserie chicken at Sam's and sat in our driveway eating a chicken leg while the boys watched  Toy Story in the back because it just couldn't wait until we got inside. Pregnant girl problems. 

Sorting through baby clothes I came across this cute little sleeper I picked up when we thought Griffin was going to be a boy.  I love it and decided to keep it... hopefully pairing it with a giant bow will make it girl appropriate :)

Mason painted this caterpillar at Miss Lisa's on Thursday.

This may be my favorite picture I've even taken with my iPhone - he crawled in bed with me on Friday morning begging for just 5 minutes of snuggles.  I NEVER want to forget this sweet sleepy little face in my bed :)

Passed out in his "movie tent" on Saturday night...

Mason insisted on wearing these Chuck Taylors over his feety pajamas.  Crazy kid.

Painting a crane that Gibi drew for him...

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  1. Pirate party planning, kite flying, baby girl outfits...this all looks like sooo much fun! Pretty soon a little sister will be joining it exciting!


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