Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break - Wednesday

Today was awesome.  We slept in (thank you Daylight Savings!!!) and Luke woke me up with a present that he made.  That's a gift box with a horse apple tree inside! (THAT DIMPLE! I DIE!)

The boys played around the house while I worked on some Slightly Askew projects and Luke even made his own Putt Putt course.  I think a trip to Adventure Landing may be in our future for Friday.

We packed up some lunches for the boys, picked up some Starbucks and Pei Wei for Dave and I and headed to Fairview to meet Jonathan, Tori and Lilly for lunch and some playtime at the beach.

I love the look that Lilly's giving them... like, "seriously... look at how messy you are!"  It didn't take her long to get right in there with them :)

Of course Mason wanted to go play in the nasty watery sand.  Good thing Lilly had her eye on him :)

Luke spent pretty much the entire time we were there working on digging a tunnel underneath the boardwalk...

Cheesy smiles all around!

Luke came over to show Aunt Tori and I how messy he was.  This boy can get messy ANYWHERE!  I asked him to smile nicely and this is what I got...

Kisses for Miss Lillian!

We ran into some friends from school and they worked together to cover the turtle in sand.  Luke got pretty bossy, but still had fun :)


Can you tell which cousin has a modeling career???  That would be the cute one in the middle who is actually looking at the camera :)  

 My two misfits are less cooperative/photogenic... I'm hoping that Lilly will be able to give Griffin some pointers when it comes to taking pictures :)

Mason started "zoning" the minute he got in the car (side note... the first thing he does when we get in the car is DEMAND that his shoes come off - hahaha)

And we hadn't been in the car 5 minutes when he was passed out.

When we got home Luke got a haircut and took a big long bubble bath while Mason took a nap. Luke had "rest time" and Dave and I both took a nap.  After naps we played legos and Dave and Mason ran a couple of errands while Luke and I stayed home.  Here's Luke showing me a lego creation.... an alien with tons of heads.  I swear that he looks more and more like Dave every day... AND that dimple is going to get him into some serious trouble :)

After dinner we played chutes and ladders and then apparently it was time for some handstands.  :)
 The boys went on a walk, which I opted out of due to the fact that last night I felt like I was going to go into labor after I took the boys out for a walk.  I think that Griffin has "dropped" and I officially have the waddle going on - which makes chasing after two little guys on a walk quite comical.

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  1. the rotisserie chicken cracks me up!! too funny! and that lil sleeper is going to be so sweet with a big bow!! fun pictures!! =)


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