Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break - Friday

Friday was our stay-at-home and get-stuff-done day :) And so we started off by sleeping in.  OOOPS!!! hahaha.

Luke decided to decorate our bedroom with hangers...

And then it was time for errands, including taking these FOUR GIANT BINS of clothes to Kid-to-Kid.

Dave and Luke ran to Kroger for me and Dave bought every package of Strawberry fruit bars that they had :)  My sweet hubby knew how crushed I was when they didn't have any the last time and how the Blue Bell strawberry bars, surprisingly, don't compare to the Kroger brand and so he decided to just buy them all.  Smart man.

Later in the afternoon I walked past the "big boy room" and saw this sign on the floor.  I asked Luke what it meant and he said NO BABIES ALLOWED!  Good luck with that, friend :)  He really has been patient with his little brother this week... but I think he was ready for some private time.  hehehe

 After dinner and a walk the boys watched a movie on a palette on the floor.  Movies are WAY better when you watch them on the floor, apparently :)

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  1. Andrea, it looks like you guys had a great spring break!! it has been fun to see all that you and the boys have done this week. my husband is on "spring break" right now, but it's in the 30's with a winter storm warning so we hope we won't be stuck home the whole time :)



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