Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rewind: Instagram

Here are a bunch of Instagram pics from the last couple of weeks.  

My kind of Saturday morning :)  Love the look going on between Mason and Dave...

I was running errands and looked down into my cart to see Woody sticking out of my purse.  I used to switch my bag out all the time and always tried to coordinate it to my outfit.  Now, my Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake bag is my almost one-and-only bag because it's a backpack and it's always loaded with Capri Suns, froot loops, a banana, hot wheels, wipes and Woody :)   Life of a mommy, right???

We've had a few warm days and Mason has been sporting some super cute Boden shorts.  LOVE me some Boden :)

Cheesin' it up with Woody and a snack...

The day of the "finger incident" we were supposed to go out for my birthday, but decided to hang at home instead.  So... Monday night we headed out for a hibachi dinner.  Luke really enjoyed it... until the guy lit the grill on fire (see Exhibit A... picture on the far left top).

A nice walk led to a wrestling match (as do a lot of things at our house, lately).  Love these crazy brothers. :)

At the park... Mason always goes down the tube slides head first because he's too small to climb into them feet first.  He's my dare devil.

Griffin will be STYLIN in the Fall!!! I think the little nerd glasses sucked me in.  Dave is nervous about dressing her every day and so when I showed him the outfits, he really appreciated that he couldn't really "mess up" as long as he put these pieces together (let's be real... Griffin's clothes will be laid out for her by mommy... hehehe)

Think someone's ready to share the spotlight??? Homeboy INSISTS on sitting ON TOP of my belly any chance he gets :)

A moment of peace and quite at my 30-week OB appointment.  I kind of relish these few quite moments every couple of weeks (soon to be every week... EEEK!).  

A few weeks ago was the first MCA varsity baseball game.  Dave met us up at the school and our plan was to watch some baseball and eat hot dogs with the boys.  Unfortunately the power went out at the field (so no hot dogs) and a cold front came in making it FREEZING, so we packed it in, headed to the playground for a few minutes and then went home to have grilled cheese :)

Mason has super "fine" hair and apparently there was a teeny bit of static on the slide.

All my crazies :)

Mandy and Mason at the game before we left.  I had Mandy in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades and now she's about to graduate! I'm so old - hahaha

Slightly Askew has been super busy... including a project for my boys!

Luke showing his friend at Starbucks, Mr. Ron, his Lego sticker book.  Mr. Ron has been in Spain for the last week and Luke has missed him lots!

Griffin and I... I think it was 30 weeks.  GROWING!!!

Dave texts me pics of Mason most mornings (since a lot of the time he's still asleep when Luke and I leave) and on this particular morning the message said something along the lines of, "he eats cereal like his mama".  What can I say, he's learned from the best!!!

This was my Throwback Thursday pic last week... Shameless Bachelor plug :)  It's still strange for me when I look at pics from the summer because on the one hand it doesn't seem that long ago, but on the other... SO MUCH has happened since then (like finding out about Griffin).

My sweet boys playing together before dinner.

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