Saturday, February 23, 2013

Better Late Than Never: Fall Family Photos

I JUST realized that I never actually posted our family pictures from this past Fall.  Kelly, from Love Fern Photos, always manages to make our boys look GREAT and really captures their little personalities and I am so excited to share these!!!

Luke Man:

So............ the infamous chalkboard shots.  At the time we didn't know the gender of baby #3 so we got pictures of us with the sign reading both brother and sister.  Then when I found out we just got to use the pictures we needed.  We had no clue that we'd end up needing both sets of pictures (thanks alot early ultrasound mess up!), but I'm posting the brother AND sister pics because I think they're cute (and kind of funny, in retrospect, since we used the brother ones on our Christmas cards) :)


Stick sword fight:

One of my faves:

Mason was tickling himself with a piece of grass :)

Squishy baby kisses:


Now for the SISTER pics :)

I look RIDIC, but Luke's little jump and Mason's skeptical face crack me up :)

Luke's face and pose... I DIE!

Kind of sums up his thoughts on adding a girl to the mix:

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  1. You're so cute and your family is adorable!! Great pictures!!! =)


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