Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rewind: Instagram Part II

After dinner I was cleaning up, loading the dishwasher, etc.  I turned around and saw them playing nicely together, but as was ON the table.  He looked at me and goes,"hi!", all casual.  Crazy boy just needed a better view! :)

Luke is a BIG helper (hopefully he still wants to be my helper once Griffin comes!) and when I asked him to please help me put away the pillows in the family room that he and Mason had made a fort out of, this is what I returned to find... Lots of pillows AND double ottomans.

Passed out (on the edge of the bed! EEEK!) mid-book.

This pic is from 2006 (I think) and I dug it up while having some serious hair-discontent... you know, when you hate your hair and want to chop it all off??? Maybe that's just me.  Anyway, I've decided to be a little less drastic and just have a good trim and new layers put in over Spring Break. (I'm pretty sure it was this haircut where she actually had to get out the clippers to do the nape of my neck - crazy).

What my Friday and Saturday nights look like.  We miss Daddy lots while he works, but at the same time, it's kind of nice to have a movie night with just my little guys.

The weather is starting to "perk up" (I'll take cold AS LONG AS POSSIBLE if it will delay the FURNACE that is a Texas summer) and this scarf made me feel extra "Springy".

Laundry fun:

My little headband model :)

Who loves Thin Mints?!?!?!  Mason does!!!  (Side note: he was dipping them in ketchup and yogurt - GROSS!)

Making brownies on a Saturday afternoon... pants optional.

I hate chopping veggies.  Hate it.

Church makes you thirsty:

More fun Slightly Askew stuff!

Mason was being "too quiet" and I found him in his closet feeding crushed up animal crackers to a duck.

Luke hung out at Gibi and Haha's house and when he's there he gives Scooter the royal treatment :)

Look familiar???  Luke loved lining up his cars like this too :)

What perks me up on a cold, rainy Monday morning??? Making answer keys for my Algebra class, my favorite scarf, sunshiney Wellys, TWO of my most special bracelets, TEA! and the best earrings ever made :)

Flashback to almost exactly two years ago.  Luke and Lilly after dinner at the purple cow.  SO LITTLE!

Last Sunday was a busy day.

BE STILL MY HEART!  Mason West almost exactly one year ago...

Making himself at home at Starbucks...

I've been doing some serious nesting and mid-closet cleanup I was PINING over the 99% of my wardrobe that I can't wear right now... including these dresses.  Sigh.  I miss my dresses!

My big boy getting picked up for a playdate at Gibi and Haha's house...

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  1. I love the photos of Mason & his Thin Mints & Luke making brownies! The invites you make are so beautiful!



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