Saturday, March 30, 2013


I decided to do double up again this year and combine the boys birthdays into one party.  Since they're so close together (Luke's on April 1st and Mason's April 16th) and we'd invite a lot of the same friends to both parties it just makes sense.  This year I went with a "Pirates, Pajamas and Pancakes" theme.  There are LOTS of April birthdays among my family and friends and so a morning party was the way to go!

I designed their invitations and had them printed on double sided matte cardstock.  I LOVE how they turned out :)

Dave's job has it's downsides (LONG hours), but it also comes with perks... one of which is being able to use the Country Club for the boys birthday party!  The club is really "paneled" and I thought it worked perfectly... kind of like the inside of a ship :)

 We were planning on having the party in a smaller room with a BIG adjoining patio, but the weather was pretty "iffy"  and so we ended up inside where we had their party last year.  The room is great and gave us plenty of room.

We did pancakes (duh!) and some other "pirate themed" breakfast food...

I saw these little jello pirate ships on Pinterest and LOVED them.  My flags didn't turn out quite as I expected, but they were okay.  Both my boys LOVED the Jello... I think Luke ate about 7 of the cups.  hahaha

We picked up 8 dozen donut holes and every single one was gone. :)

I decided to make their cupcakes again this year and LOVED the recipe I found.  The pirate toppers were a perfect addition.

This was one of my favorite party "elements" and I wish I'd placed it in a better spot.  LOVE seeing how my boys have grown...

Table set up for the "pirate booty"

I had plates customized for each of the boys and used them to mark which side of the table to put presents on...

I set up a little "photo area" with pirate props...

... and when Luke got there he agreed to try it out for me :)

Luke and one of his friends from school, Chase...

Luke and his future wife, Kensington :)  You'd think she'd look more thrilled considering she's the one who betrothed them to each other.  hehehe  (P.S. - Luke was on Jello Cup number 4 at this point if you can't tell from his blue tinted smile)

Nixon and Rawston...

Just a little glimpse into the chaos :)

Mason and Aunt Tori.  There aren't many pictures of Mason because he was ON THE GO the entire time we were there.  Crazy kid!

My plans for digging for treasure in a sandbox and splashing around in our pirate water table were nixed due to our location change, but the kiddos managed to make their own fun with swords, beach balls and bubbles...

LOVE that Carter had the swords IN his pants :)

Cousins!  Seems like yesterday that Miss Lilly was born - can't believe she's going to be EIGHT!!! (p.s. - she and Luke share a birthday... so special!)

The one request Luke had for his party was a pinata.  We obliged and picked one up for him...

Rylan definitely had some pinata experience... note the broken golf club in his hand :)

Our plastic golf club wasn't cutting it and with NO end in sight Miss Lori and Uncle Jonathan came to the rescue and cut into that sucker...


It was kind of a pinata fail, but they all got candy and prizes which I guess is what really counts.

After pinata it was time for cupcakes and singing happy birthday...

My big FIVE year old!

Before he blew out his candles he made a very loud wish for a Lego Mine set.

Fake smile - but it was the best that I got out of him.

Most of the crew :)

Dave's Grandma was able to join us which was super special...

Luke LOVES his teacher, Mrs. Clow, but he especially loves her daughter, Jolie.  He INSISTED on inviting her and, being the SUPER SWEET girl she is she came despite it being a party for little kids :)

After everyone was gone we attempted a family picture.  ATTEMPTED is the key word.

Dave and I tried to sport some pirate gear... instead I just got a lazy eye. Awesome.

Resting up in the windowsill during cleanup.

I'm not going to lie, I am EXHAUSTED.  There was a lot of setup involved with the party and it probably wasn't the smartest move on my part considering I'm 37 weeks pregnant, swollen and huge!, BUT... they only turn 5 and 2 once and I am sooooooooo glad that we have this memory.  Luke said he had a blast and that his favorite part of the party was the punch.  If Mason's sweaty head was any gauge of how much fun he had, it's safe to say he had a blast.

We are so very grateful to everyone who came out and celebrated our two sweet, sweet boys today!  I see one more combined party in our future and I "may" have a theme in mind (I know, I know... I'm a freak).  


  1. everything about this party is incredible--from the invitations to the photo area, and the cupcakes! you are such a a great hostess/mom! happy birthday Luke & Mason!

  2. What a great party!! My 2 older boys have birthdays only a few days apart so we've always done combined parties too! Love all the details ~ you're so creative!!


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