Monday, February 18, 2013

Relaxing Afternoon

 We came home from church yesterday and I was sooooooooooooo looking forward to a relaxing, quiet, uneventful afternoon.  Mason always takes an extra long nap and it was gorgeous outside so Dave cut me a piece of birthday cake and sent me to bed to take a nap while Mason slept and he and Luke spent some time cleaning up the yard.  

My 31-week pregnant self was not about to turn down his offer, so I headed off to bed.  About 45 minutes later I was woken up to a shirtless Dave holding a screaming Luke with a blood-soaked t-shirt wrapped around his hand.  Dave was trying to stay calm, but looked FREAKED out.  We took Luke into the bathroom and checked out the cut and after a few minutes decided to head over to Dicky's to have him look at it and tell us whether or not he thought it was something a bandaid could handle.  Gibi was out on a walk and so she went with Luke and Dave while I stayed home with Mason.

Next thing I knew, Dave was calling telling me that they were headed to the ER.  The cut was pretty big and since it happened with dirty garden shears and was on his right hand, close to a joint, etc. Dicky thought it would be best to have it cleaned out and looked at there. 

I HATED not being there with my little man, but I don't think he minded much...

This is a horrible pic... but a mommy's gotta do what a mommy's gotta do, right?!?!?! Luke needed kisses from Mommy to help him be brave, so he got these via text...

I made Dave text me continuously and take pics of my sweet guy so I'd know what was going on... 

Apparently there was a lot of waiting, watching Veggie Tales and picking out stickers.

 Blurry, but you get the idea...

They wanted to make sure his finger wasn't broken, so he had a few x-rays done.  He thought this was about the coolest thing ever!!!

Once they knew it wasn't broken it was time to get down to business.  They wrapped Luke up in a sheet, cleaned out the cut and got to stitching.  (Not sure who this was rougher on... Daddy or Luke)

Five stitches later he was ready to go!

Mason and I were anxiously awaiting brother coming home by taking selfies in bed while drinking juice and watching Caillou...

Seriously... check out those lashes!!!

Luke got home tired and sore and immediately set up camp in our bed.  He milked it, but not too much.  His only real requests being macaroni and cheese for dinner and a special trip to Kroger for Reeses ice cream bars. :)

Before bed he had perked up... probably due to the macaroni, pizza, ice cream and lots of doting :)

I'm hoping that this is our last trip to the E.R for stitches, but as my mom kindly pointed out, with THREE kiddos our odds have increased dramatically. hahaha.  So thankful that his little finger will be fine and that it wasn't any worse.  Thankful that he's smiling again this morning and for a fabulous Daddy and Gibi who took such great care of him at the ER.


  1. Poor Luke! I can't have my future son-in-law injured! Poor little guy :(.

  2. Poor buddy! Never a dull moment with boys ~ glad he's feeling better!


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