Sunday, February 17, 2013


Luke's class has been working on the letters Q&U this month and the culmination of their unit was going to be the Q-U Wedding on Valentine's Day.  Luke had to make a QU poster in the shape of a U.  It had to be football themed (QUarterback) and incorporate words that started with QU.  Here he is diligently working on his first school project :) I wonder how many school projects we'll do at our kitchen table?!?!

Not to be left out Mason worked on a "project" as well (notice Lamby's dirty feet on the right side of the pic... he's everywhere Mason is!)

The poster was due the week before the wedding, and Luke wasn't proud of his at all :)

On Valentine's Day the boys were supposed to come dressed as Quarterbacks and the girls as Queens.  A sweet sweet friend at school loaned us her son's Pee-Wee Football uniform and Luke could not have looked cuter :)

The whole point of the Q-U wedding is to "unite" Q & U forever and ever.  So cute!  Here's Luke's class lined up ready to go!

They lined up and walked down the aisle individually.  Before they did, the kindergartners were the Quarter Kids (instead of flower girls) and they put quarters down the aisle.

This is one of Luke's BEST friends at school, Alysa.  He told me that she was going to be wearing Rapunzel hair and would be looking beautiful... and she was! :)

A dad officiated the wedding ceremony and all the kids were great.

When the wedding was over the kids walked outside where the first graders blew bubbles on them.  I totally missed Luke... you can kind of see him on the left.  OOOPS!


The parents set up a super cute reception, complete with wedding cake!

Luke came back in and immediately gave his helmet to his brother :)

Luke was so excited that Mason was there.... he wanted him to sit at his table, share his snacks, etc.  I was a proud mama.  Please note that this whole thing went down at 8:00 a.m.... an early morning for the Masonator :)

We had wedding cake and other snacks and then Daddy and Mason headed off to work/Miss Lisa's and I headed back to my classroom to give a test. hahaha

Luke and his teacher, Mrs. Clow:
It was so much fun and such a memorable Valentine's Day treat.  Love us some MCA!


  1. Wow, lots of updating! Thank you, though :) I've been used to reading up every couple of days and was getting worried! Looks like a busy time for you all, but fun and exciting as usual. I hope Luke is feeling better after yesterday :( have a good week!


  2. What a super cute and FUN way to learn QU!! =)


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