Friday, December 28, 2012


I don't know where I've been or what I've been doing over the last year and a half - but it wasn't Instagram and I"m totally kicking myself for it now.  It is SOOOOOOO much fun!!!  Apparently I had an Instagram account back when Mason was first born (which I don't recall AT ALL), because when I went to set up my account it said I already had one... and then when I logged in I was confronted with all these sweet pictures of newborn Mason and I bawled.  It was fun. 

Anyway... back to Instagram.  It's easy, fun and I feel like my pictures look WAY cute.  If you have an instagram, follow me at andrea2220 if you want tons of gratuitous pictures of my kids, meals, etc.  Because I'm sure that y'all care.  :)  

Anyway, on to some of my Instagram pictures from the last few weeks.

Mason sneaking a Hershey's Kiss:

Dave and I were enjoying lunch on Saturday, both boys were done eating theirs and we were sitting talking when we noticed that it was "too quiet".  We found them on the other side of the counter sneaking Christmas candy:

Here's Mason using our old modem as a cell phone:

My three lovies snuggled in bed:

Icing his Happy Birthday Jesus cake that Buddy the Elf left him the mix and icing for:

Mason just sporting a little Holiday Cheer :)
(Seriously... one of my favorite pictures of him EVER!)

Hanging out in our PJs all day (I think this was Saturday - my first official day of Christmas break)

Having a snack at the pediatrician's office on Friday (he has croup):

Luke hanging out at Gabe Nesbitt Park with his Gibi - when did he get so stinkin' big?!?!?!

Breathing treatments are no fun!

Love this... especially during exam week.  You better believe this meme is posted on my bulletin board in my classroom!

Mason making a little music:

Luke got FINGER PUPPETS from his teachers:

Masons meals often require two plates:

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Mason listening to a movie in the car.  He'll be blown away in April when we turn him around and he realized that theres a TV in the van! :)

Luke's room decorated for Christmas:

Mason and his 12 blankets:

My little man on the cover of the school newspaper:

My students know (and spoil!) me so well... A giant bag of kettle corn from Trade Days and a flower hair clip for Griffin!

Like father, like son...

Like father, like son - Part 2 (on the way home from the Gaylord Texan)

My little Lego lover...

Saying goodbye to Luke and I one morning:

Gibi's babysitting service (yes... Luke is using a heating pad)

Tea, paci and a lamb... what else could he need??!?!

SIGH! I love Friday nights where Luke and I watch movies in my bed :)

Merry Christmas!!!

At the pediatricians on Friday (obviously the order of these is all screwed up) checking out the Christmas trees:

Footie Jammies, Sheriff vest and a cars car:

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