Friday, December 28, 2012

23 weeks & Crazy Dreams

Well... here's Griffin and I on Christmas... 23 weeks down!  I officially have my appetite back and I definitely put it to good use during the Holidays.  I mean - what better excuse to eat 4 shortbread cookies and THEN baked potato dip for a snack, can I get an Amen???  :)  

Right now pregnancy "symptoms" (do you call them symptoms??? I can't think of anything else to call them???) include having to pee every 7 minutes (plus every time I stand up) which wouldn't be super annoying if it didn't feel like I was going to BURST every single time!  Homegirl is moving a TON!  Especially at night when I lay down - we joke that she has her own little dance parties in there... LOTS of kicking, rolls, etc.  The movements are all really really low, and I know at my last two ultrasounds she's been breech (and yes, I know she moves around a lot in there), so I think that may just be her position of choice.
 When you ask Mason where our baby is he'll point to my belly and Luke tells me everyday that "Griffin must be growing!" which I think is just a nice way of telling me that I'm expanding my the minute :)

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I return to work in January... because not having to wear real clothes for two weeks is SPOILING this pregnant mama.  Thankfully my principal is AWESOME... so maybe he won't object if I want to wear yoga pants and sweatshirts until my maternity leave in April. hahaha

I feel like now that Christmas is over I can start organizing and preparing everyone's spaces for Griffin's arrival. The boys are going to share a room and their furniture was supposed to arrive on the 26th (GRRRRR) and I have plans to at least attempt to move Mason into the big boy bed during this break.  I have plans to make the current nursery more girly... but that's all hinging on Mason transitioning to the shared room.  FINGERS CROSSED!

I've been a little anxious about how I'm going to "do things" with a third baby.  With Luke I pretty much hibernated the whole summer and complained to my mom about how hard it was having a newborn :)  With Mason we were out and about more because I couldn't keep Luke at home the entire summer and with Griffin I have a feeling we're going to be up and at 'em early on for all of our sanity.  That said, the thought of how I was logistically going to go to Target or the grocery store with all three (while still having room for groceries in the cart) was stressing me out.  I've been doing lots of research and settled on the Ergobaby carrier and I'm super excited.  I ordered the cute Petunia Pickle Bottom version (duh!) as well as the infant insert and I'm hoping that I (and Griffin!) love it. 

Well, 23 weeks down and only 17 (or so) more weeks to go!  Here's to a healthy appetite and NO SWELLING! :) hahaha

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