Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

 I still can't believe that Christmas Day has come and gone already!!! Here's a recap of our Christmas Day.  Santa gifts set up and ready for the boys. Santa brought them a new tent to share, Mason got a vacuum and broom and Luke got a Lego "city corner". 

Luke woke up around 7:30 and homeboy was PUMPED!!!

Mason went STRAIGHT for the vacuum and broom and pretty much didn't put them down all day :)

Luke and Daddy checking out the legos:

While we waited for Gibi and Haha to come over, we checked out our notes from Santa and Buddy The Elf (the boys ate the remaining cookies and crumbs while I read - crazy boys!)

Mason opening his basketball hoop from Gibi and Haha:

I am HORRIBLE about taking pictures during presents... but here's one Dave took of the "aftermath"

Mason loves his Haha :)

Dave gave me the "G" charm for my Waxing Poetic necklace - LOVE!

We ate breakfast (tater tot breakfast casserole - YUM, biscuits and gravy) and then Gibi and Haha headed back to their house and we cleaned up and played with our new toys :)

Dave and Luke headed to his Aunt Connie's house for lunch and Mason and I stayed home (I am CRAZY congested and Mason still has a touch of croup) and after that it was more playing and naps all around :)

Haha walked down later in the afternoon and took Luke back to their house.  By this point there was probably a good 3" of snow on the ground and it was STILL coming down!

Dave and I got Mason dressed a little bit later and we headed down to Gibi and Haha's for dinner...

When we got there we got to see Luke's "snowman" :)
My favorite part is the landscape lights he used for legs - my kid is nothing if not creative!

Dinner was "an experience" to say the least - let's just say that it had been a "busy" day for everyone :)  The food was delicious and we enjoyed the company of my parents, as always, but called it an early night.

The very very best part of my whole Christmas day was walking home from Gibi and Haha's with Luke.  We stomped through the snow, held hands and sang Jingle Bells.  It as a PERFECT way to end a long and busy day. :)

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