Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mama's Boy

If you've been around us recently, you're probably aware that Mason is a MAJOR mama's boy.  He wants me, and only me, ALL THE TIME. 

He'll go and play for a few minutes, but then yell "MAMA" and come running for a hug and some reassurance.  I am LOVING all the sweet love from my baby boy, but have to admit that at times (like when I'm trying to use the bathroom, cook dinner or fold laundry) it can be a little "much".  

Several mornings this week we've all laid in bed, snacked on Froot Loops and watched cartoons.  This is how Mason insists on sitting.  Not next to me, but on my shoulder.... like a Pirate parrot or a really annoying cat :)  I think he does this to ensure that I can't get up and leave.  

As trying as these "mama's boy moments" can be at times, I am trying to totally eat up all of the attention and sweetness since I know it won't last for ever. 

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