Monday, November 26, 2012

Dickens of a Christmas

I LOVE LOVE LOVE McKinney's Downtown.  I have sooooooo many fond memories of the square.  I worked at several different local shops during high school and college and even worked part time during the summers when I first started teaching.  The square has come such a long way and I love getting to enjoy these events with my sweet family.  This past Saturday morning Dave, the boys and I headed downtown to enjoy Dickens of a Christmas.

I thought this was the sweetest thing ever - there was a table set up with TONS of Christmas cards and they were asking people to write a note inside for soldiers stationed overseas.  Luke filled one out and included a handprint and a sweet message :)

This was the "snow slide" that Luke wasn't tall enough to ride - he was beyond disappointed, but hopeful that next year he'd be tall enough. :)

Luke and I in the snow - hehehe

Mason was pretty much asleep with his eyes open - silly boy :)

Uncooperative photo session:

We stopped to play a game of tic-tac-toe before heading to the giant inflatable slide:

 Our last stop was to make some super cute Christmas ornaments...

Both the boys filled ornaments with glitter, snow and beads.

So.... Dave and I felt like the worst parents ever. I drove and Dave didn't bring his wallet - when we got there we had ZERO cash (and I don't carry an ATM card, because apparently I'm dumb. hahaha).  That said, we really struggled to explain to Luke that we couldn't participate in the petting zoo, slide or train because we didn't have cash.  He was especially confused when we stopped and did some Christmas shopping using our credit cards... "But you SAID we didn't have any money with us?!?!?!"

So...... we came home, had lunch and naps and then Gibi joined us for Dickens Round 2 later in the afternoon. Gibi and Luke popped into a couple of stores, so Mason and I listened to some music:

Then it was time for the petting zoo!!!

This was by far the best petting zoo we've been to.  Normally you stick your fingers through the fence and get nibbled on by goats.  This was a giant pen FILLED with adorable baby animals that were super gentle and sweet.  They had brushed so you could brush them and get as close as you wanted...

Luke brushing a donkey:

Luke was ALL about the llama.  We had to read all our Llama Llama books before bed that night as well :)

The piglets were ADORABLE!!!

Gibi was such a good sport for joining Luke inside the petting zoo while Mason and I watched.

 After the petting zoo we headed over to the magic shop to take a ride on Frosty's train:


Luke LOVED the train ride - but I think he had just as much fun playing on the tractors outside Local Yocal :)

Dickens was a BLAST and although I was totally kicking myself for not bringing cash in the morning, it was a nice excuse to get to go back in the afternoon with Gibi.  We'll be back on the square this coming weekend for the parade - one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

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  1. We went on Saturday...Kensington was about 6 inches too short for the snow slide but they let her ride it any way. I guess they looked at my kid and thought it was ok if they tempted fate and let her fly down an ice-covered hill???


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